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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Growing asparragus... Bullshit! The surface atmospheric presure on Mars is only 0.7% of that of Earth so most, if not all, animal and vegetal cells will burst; nevermind the lack of sun shine and freezing temperatures. Talk about hype.

    You're right about the hype.

    But Phoenix has so far not detected organic carbon - considered an essential building block of life.

    Funny how this didn't get any hype

  • M.J.

    the analysis results for the latest scoop of soil obtained should be coming out within a few days. Should be interesting. It consists of scrapings from the subsurface ice layer along with soil.

  • Gerard
    Actually the presence of water ice has been confirmed for over a week.

    References? Ice was found, but believed to be frozen CO2 not H2O

    As far as the mission, goes, no water has been found. When the CO2 ice evaporates, it leaves trace amounts of water, useless in any practical sense.

  • M.J.

    Sorry, I haven't seen your response until now.


    The uncovered ice sublimated much slower than CO2 would have at the local temps and pressure.

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