Major doctrines and practices based on a single scriptural verse?!

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    The more I think about this the more crazy it seems. Two issues in particular are "the light getting brighter" and "the faithful and discreet slave". Both are huge concepts for JW's, yet both are essentially based on a single verse in the bible which clearly has a different meaning when you read the context.

    Why did I never see this?!


  • Shazard

    Yes and more funny is that JW are not the only ones, but actually ones of most known to make doctrines from single verse! This is strange, that some very major items like adultery, idoltary etc God repeats and reapets numerous times in different contexts and situations, that this is sin. Meny important things in Christ teaching are repeated by him or by his apostles mey times. Some issues one author will repeat several times before Church takes it as doctrine... But here... one verse and you got doctrine.

    How that works? No conctext, no attachment to current state of being, just simple verse?

    Do ppl really believe that so important issues only one Author only in one place will nail down even as passing and communicating the doctrine was the very thing the authors wanted to accomplish, and nobody else seconds them, and even they themselves do not repeat the doctrine anywhere and do not pin down it as important!

    Give me a break!

  • jwfacts

    Here are some more:


    Other Sheep

    Great Crowd. (the terms other sheep and great crowd don't appear together, but are regularly in the same sentence in Watchtower publications)

    Disfellowship - the term never appears in the bible. Not to say hello appears once, and is applied by John to the Antichrist

    Organization - the term never appears in the Bible


  • Quandry

    You are so right.

    But using these two thoughts, the WTS can twist and turn any teaching, or introduce any teaching, that they deem necessary.

    Whatever it is, no matter how strange or confusing, if the FDS says it, and they are the channel from God, it must be correct and believed.

    If the pronouncement needs to be changed, or tweaked, or twisted again, well, viola!!! "NEW LIGHT!"

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Now that I'm out, I can point to twice and thrice as many scriptures to refute them as they can throw at me to support them.

    Birthdays are bad because murders happened at them and no where else are birthdays mentioned.

    My answer: Angels and shephards celebrated the birth of Jesus. By the way, his second birthday was celebrated and gifts were given (though not very practical gifts for a two year old).

    My answer: Murder tends to make the person look bad, not the setting or day of the murder.

    My answer: The people involved were famous people of the Bible: Joseph read a dream by God and John the Baptist died. I would say that those two events no matter the setting were very Bible worthy to write down.

    My answer: The culture/condition of Bible times was that the average person could not afford to have an elaborate party for birthdays or anything else as the Romans really were jerks that oppressed the people and there was a famine going on in Egypt. Only royals and nobles could afford such a thing.

    Pagan connections to birthday parties?

    My answer: Then stop wearing a white wedding dress, ring, and carrying flowers in the ceremony. Oh, and no veils!

    My answer: Colosians 2:16 and Romans 14:5 and the one about busybodies meddling in other peoples' affairs.

    So, you see that when someone leaves, they become better at using their Bible:)

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    One other thing about the baker's head being cut off: Don't JW's propagate the notion that the superior authorities are placed in their respective positions by God? That is in scripture, so the pha-ro(sic) was within his god given rights to execute his servant. It never said the reasons for the execution. I would have executed him too if he tried to poison me. Hmm...I wonder if that is why or if the baker was not obedient to the king, or if he was involved in a conspiracy like julius Ceasar. Having fun here:)

  • WTWizard

    The Granddaddy of them all: Matthew 24:14 where the "good" news is to be preached for the whole inhabited earth for a witness to all before the end comes. Without that, field circus would fizzle.

  • james_woods

    Keep yourselves free from blood.

  • sir82

    Hebrews 10:24 & 25 (which BTW has nothing to do with congregational meetings, if you read the context) is trotted out several times per magazine to support the abolute & utter necessity to attend 5 excruciatingly boring meetings each and every week.

    Revelation 7 & 14 to support the idea that 144,000 go to heaven, and no one else.

    Acts 20:20 is (mis)applied to justify door-to-door witnessing.

  • civicsi00

    It's funny, but it's true. You never see these things when you're in, but once you're out, it's like a veil lifted from your eyes. I wish more Witnesses would wake up...

    Luke 21:24 is another example of going to great lengths to try to justify the year 1914...

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