"Why I don't like people coming to my door, selling religion"

by Captain Schmideo2 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • _Morpheus
    great read on a saturday morning
  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Look, this guy just needs to get over it.

    Hey buddy, just get yourself put on the "no call" list with the local congregation.


  • SAHS
    Or, you could order one of those new little Sparlock figurines to hang on the outside as a “good-luck” charm to keep the JWs away. (That, and a cross with some garlic bulbs.)
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Let's be honest. Who likes someone coming to their door? I recently had an Retirement Portfolio Specialist come to my door, because he opened a new office in my town. I could not get rid of him. And he looked up my number in the phone book and keeps calling now.

    I also had these teenage kids come to my door and they explained that they were selling books via this company and the proceeds helped them get out of the inner-city and help get them a scholarship to go to college. So I bought one of their books to help out. As soon as I was done I googled the company and found out the whole thing is a scam and the poor inner city kids are getting scammed too and they work for nothing and in the end they never get a scholarship. It was really, really sad.

    So unless you have cake or cookies please don't knock. As long as you bring cake or cookies, even if you're trying to scam me, I'll listen.

    By the way if anyone from Microsoft tries to call you and says your laptop is sending out errors or is infected that is a laughable scam. They are from India and it's not real and they're going to try and sell you virus software you don't need. It's not real. Microsoft will never call you. And neither will the IRS!

  • Vidiot

    My favorite bit:

    "...Armageddon... coming soon to a planet near you..."

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