Simon Cowell gets a new JW New World Translation Bible

by dozy 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Quarterback
    Good point Stuck. We could have also our very American Idol speaker
  • MagicHat
    Simon is really quite a gentle soul but the poor chap would be in front of a judicial committee every five minutes or so for his lack of morals and his habitual lying to the press. He reportedly lies to keep his private life private but we all know this would not sit well with the borg. Simey would have to change his evil ways! In the past he has pretended to be engaged to his make-up artist on Idol, all completely fake, as a front to cover up his marriage to an American celebrity (which was never made public), and he then went on to impregnate the wife of one of his friends. Nope, not good JW material. But, hey, the guy LOVES puppies!
  • steve2

    Are you sure this is not a photo of Simon witnessing to two unusually dressed females and about to ram home to them a hard-hitting chapter and verse? He sure looks like a man who is about to thumb through that grey tome.

    The man's arrogance to one side, I'd willingly give a nice looking male JW who turned up on my doorstep in swimming attire the time of day. Under those circumstances, I would thirst for "true" knowledge and be a very willing student.

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