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  • bronzefist

    I have to agree with Mary on all three points. The "white lie slips" will never be done away with, because it's a signed statement verifing your "commanded" service to Jehovah. "Privledges" depend on mantaining national averages. Also agree that the public WT is nothing more than an Awake magazine it may be dropped to save some cash.


  • 5go

    That'll happen when pigs fly. The Mothership knows full well that if they ever got rid of the mandatory reporting of time, 3/4 of the R&F would simply stop going out in Service. Since this religion lives for statistics, they need to know how many hours people are faking getting, along with the number of magazines, books and booklets they give away, for the ever-important Worldwide Report they do every year.

    $$$$$$ It costs money to print those slips and keep records. Also it turning people away. Ultimately the bottom line is what is starting to make their decisions for them.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2
    One) Theocratic Ministry School will shortened till it is finally replaced by the congregation book bible study.

    Yes it will definitely be shortened but won't be totally replaced because it is how they train up their public speakers. Both the Theocraptic Misery Stool and Serveus Meeting will be shortened.

    Two) Field service hours will no longer need to be reported and over time no records on similar things will be reported.

    I also speculated in a thread that they should do this but frankly, it is almost impossible to see. They are control freaks and do indeed live for statistics.

    Three) The public edition of the Watchtower will cease to exist leaving Awake as the sole placement. Which will be little more than a tract.

    This is very possible indeed! This is most likely on the agenda because of $$$saving reasons. However, rather than become like tract, it would be beefed up to be a bit more like the new public edition Watchtower. In fact, they said the new version monthly Awake would have more bible topics but there is very little noticeable change - its still full of Readers Digest style garbage articles about plants, animals, etc, that have nothing to do with the Bible. They should rip all that out, stick in some more Watchtower style articles, and dump the public edition Watchtower. Either dump the public Watchtower or dump the Awake, it doesn't matter too much, but clearly there is a good case to have just one magazine for the public a month.

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