Dinosaurs, Homenids,and Jehovah's Witnesses (Oh My!)....

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  • Tuesday

    So this hit me the other day, I distinctly remember on stage and otherwise Jehovah's Witnesses have no problem admitting that there were Dinosaurs on the Earth. In fact alot of times they would say that God used Dinosaurs to get the Earth ready for humans to inhabit it. However at the same time many Jehovah's Witnesses defiantly deny the existence of early homenids. The thing that's significant to me is that they will have no issue with accepting a new species of Dinosaur, even if only a few pieces of a skull and some ribs are found, but when much more complete skeletons are found of homenids since it's not complete skeleton scientists are just speculating. Or even funnier is using the theory that they were ancestors of the modern ape. In general though I'm just checking up with my group of experts, does anyone else find this rather humerous that Dinosaurs with less complete skeletons are not an issue whatsoever to accept but nearly complete homenids are?

  • megaflower

    The JW will accept anything as long as it FITS into thier agenda. We studied the book, Life how did it get here I do not know how many times. It was often the offer for the month too throughtout the year.

  • marmot

    I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi so please forgive me while I get this out of my system:


    Back to your question, JWs also have no problem reading and commenting about "Jehovah's wonderful creation" like the diverse animal and plant species, coral reefs, and dazzling mountain ranges when none of these would be possible had there been a global flood just 4000 years ago. When you're this bone-headed in your delusions there's no limit to what you can make yourself believe.

  • Tuesday

    Blah, Hominids. What's funny is I typed that out and it didn't look right to me so I changed it. Sorry about that. Somehow it really strikes me as funny when folks use parts of the same scientific discovery but discard other parts.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    Hi Tuesday,

    The Creation book is full of selective referencing from the scientific community. It's an old pattern that the watchtower has used for a long time.

    Just goes to show their deceptive nature, and the fact that they're not really interested in the REAL truth at all. Their only interest is pushing their agenda and maintaining psychological control of their victims (rank & file jws).


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    It is really sad. The jw's me included when I was in would lock out ANYTHING that could not be explained by the fds class/gb class/anointed class/John class. For example the issues of past or present. Dinosaurs were OBVIOUSLY here because they were depicted in that old green-dragon bible nwt. However, my wife's father FORBADE them from watching Star Trek on tv because the transporter was obviously witchcraft and besides, jah would NEVER create something as hideous as a Horta or Salt Vampyre!

    I for one have my own theory about our place in this universe. I doubt we are the most intelligent flesh and blood creatures in the universe. So if we are as messed up as the washtowel society says we are then I think we are being quarantined to protect the brothers of men out there from our own corruption.

    They will NEVER accept a hominid, cromagnon, neanderthal, or any ancient human on the basis that Adma was the first man and he was no chimp. Regardless of what the fossil record indicates, if the fds don't say it they won't buy it.

  • IP_SEC

    Shouldnt suprise you. They accept secular pivitol dating for the fall of Babylon but reject the same secular authority for the fall of Jerusalem.

  • jaguarbass

    People see what they want to see.

    If you want an old earth there is information and datta supporting it.

    If you want a young earth there is datta and iformation supporting it.

    Thats why I call myself an agnostic.

    I try but there is no way I can process all of the information objectively and tip the scale to 49/51

    And 49/51 is only good in civil cases

    Capital cases ,which this is, require a perponderance of the evidence which means like 10/90

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