1919? 1914? 1975? None of these dates are going to matter in a few years...

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  • Alpaca

    For those of us who got burned by the BORG's bogus Bible chronology...

    Once a few more years go by (at least by 2020 or 2030), the BORG will not be able to fit their supposed divinely arranged role into some kind of Bible chronology unless they completely overhaul their explanations of the prophecies. That leaves them in a Catch-22. If they got it wrong, what's to make them any more believable in the future?

    The charasmatic leadership of the past (Knorr, Franz, etc.), able to dupe the multitudes of Dubs, has not been replaced and the BORG will probably just fizzle out if there is not some kind of dynamic leadership. A recent news report stated that the Dubs have the lowest retention rate of any U.S. religious organization.



  • ninja

    make way for the ninja.....new president of the JW's.....there is a bring your own kool aid policy

  • hamsterbait

    AL -

    You are onto something important here.

    Unfortunately for the Witchtower we are now in a century which does not match with easy multiples of 360, 70, 50, get the picture?

    It will be very hard to convince any modern reader that because it is 60 x 50 x 360 x 7 x24 it must be true that "God's Porpoise " will come soon.

    They have already shown how they might deal with it in the "Proclaimers Book" - see how they explained away the 1925 crap. "As was inaccurately understood at the time... erroneous interpretation of jubilees... " look it up - I'm on my way to bed. The gofors suckered it all up, especially: "sadly, those who left at this time, missed out on the blessing Jehovah had poured out upon his people since then.." (OWTE)

    As long as the money keeps comin' in...


  • Terry

    What follows is only my opinion. It isn't carved in marble anywhere.

    For 90% of the rank and file members of Jehovah's Witnesses the actual Theology and Orthodoxy of dates and chronologies are like a 401K sitting in an account somewhere that they can retire on. By doing their little bit here and there they pay into it and it grows until such time they will retire and it will be waiting for them.

    In other words, belief for Jehovah's Witnesses is not an intellectual coming to terms with rational explanations and proofs. It is mostly an agreement to accept a Mystical Body of elite leaders who channel Truth into that 401K for them.

    It isn't really important for them to KNOW how things work. It is only necessary to know it is there somewhere and that somebody can explain it.

    This is worse than intellectual dishonesty. It is vapidity and derelection of intelligence. Worse still, these same persons (active JW's) go so far as to insist that others buy in to the same Trust Fund and risk their retirement on missing funds!

    When I was my most active in the J Dubs I spent hours memorizing dates from the Babylon the Great book and practicing explaining the arithmetic from 607 B.C.E to 1914 A.D.

    Guess what? Nobody cared! Especially householders whose faces grew slack with stupefying drool at the merest mention of it all.

    The smartest brothers in my Kingdom Hall would, if baited (by me) attempt a bumfuzzled recitation of Daniel's prophecy and "day for a year" litany until they sputtered out in a miasma of torpidity.

    The CHRONOLOGY of JW's is a leftover from the Adventist roots and the lugubrations of the twice-humbled William Miller. C.T.Russell bought the best tom-foolery he could pay for and linked them together with Pyramidology and his wife, Maria's inventive Faithful and Wise Servant doctrine to jump-start the Bible Students splinter group hijacked (after his death) by the redoubtable contrarian, Judge Rutherford.

    This religion, I repeat, is only about the Mystic authenticity of the Governing Body and their mind-control fetishes.

    Christianity at large has only one intermediary between God and man: Jesus Christ.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have two: Governing Body first, Jesus second.

  • Hortensia

    Terry - very well put!

    Alpaca, I never thought of Knorr as charismatic! I thought he was boring, but I was a teenager then...

    Why alpaca? Are you a fiber nut?

  • Poztate
    The smartest brothers in my Kingdom Hall would, if baited (by me) attempt a bumfuzzled recitation of Daniel's prophecy and "day for a year" litany until they sputtered out in a miasma of torpidity.

    Yeah....That is the Crux of the matter..... They follow blindly and do not wish to think for themselves.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    Nice topic.... 1914 and 1919 were the dates that began my exit, so I like this topic. In fact, right now I am read Jonsonn's book on the gentile times.. It's amazing that the society thinks that they can get away with their lie... but I guess you're right, the regular friends don't care if they can explain the 1914 issue, they just think it's light from heaven... When I have told some of my friends about my 1914 opinions, they tell me that there are some things that are hard to understand...

    Of course JWs ridicule Catholics for believing in mysteries (Trninty)... so why do JWs insist on believing in the mystery of 1914.

    Eventually they can rework the doctrine.... they have the 2300 days, so they can always use that to come up with some date in the near future. All they need to do is be inventive with the start date... they could say something about the Maccabees in the 2nd century.. and then count 2300 years from then, and say the end is coming then! After the end doesn't come then it would be deja vu all over again...

    Problem is, there will always be people who are duped into believing the WT BS.

    [email protected]

  • Spectre

    Yep. Dumbed down to the point of perpetual "armageddon is just around the corner."

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    It isn't really important for them to KNOW how things work. It is only necessary to know it is there somewhere and that somebody can explain it.

    The jehovahs are in my opinion, the epitome of lazy christians. They work their asses off knocking on doors that they hope will never open. They never have to answer any real questions because they simply don't return if they find someone who asks them. And , they wait on Brooklyn to not only provide meat at its proper time, but to cut it up for them, chew it for them, swallow it for them, then regurgitate it up pre digested for them like the pack of ravenous wolf mothers do for their wolf cubs. What is so sad, is this laziness in not only allowed, it is encouraged by generation after generation of non thinking lemming. It is really verys ad.

  • civicsi00
    Guess what? Nobody cared!

    This to me, personally, is the saddest part. Ask almost any JW and they will say that chronology is not that big of a deal...

    I took the time to memorize the scriptures that lead to 1914, too, and overall it's been pointless knowing.

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