Yeah - 1919 HAS to go first.

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  • hamsterbait

    On this board some have said that 1914 CANNOT be ditched, otherwise the 1919 Faithful and DIscreet Slave and its appointment will not hold water.

    My recent - yes - fake article showed, using the tried and tested methods, how this could be done.

    The only way to ditch the 1914 teaching is to uncouple any doctrines which depend on that date.

    Separation of Sheep and Goats since 1914 GONE.

    The Generation change has now GONE.

    The Invisible Return of Christ in 1914 has GONE. ( watered down to "turned his attention" to the earth.)

    All that remains is the appointment of the "slave" 3 and a half years later in 1919. The order in which this is happening is following the sequence above, which I reckoned would happen, after I heard the talk in 1993 about the "celestial phenomena", and the new application of "when you see these things."

    Then 607 can safely be ditched, with "proofs" of its anaccuracy.

    In the spoof, the reader is distracted into thinking that 1914 is the crucial issue, so that the dropping of 1919 becomes less obvious.

    The R&F can say when 1914 is dropped at a later date, "it didn't make sense" or "I always thought its not quite right" ( just the same comments I have heard over the last 3 weeks about the generation WT)

    In fact looking back through the litterature, they have been monotonously repeating this pattern

    Christ "came" invisibly in 1874. Will become "manifest" in 1914.

    Christ invisibly "present" since 1874, with "coming" in 1914.

    World ends invisibly in 1914, when Christ "comes" invisibly".

    Christ present since 1914, "coming" to be awaited.

    The same sequence is followed in connection with the resurrection of the annointed, 3 1/2 years after 1874, then afte 1914 and the speculations of when the door was closed to choosing other members of the "Bride" , if you can be bothered wading through WT reprints and the other lit.

    The "some have said" argument to ensure rejction of a teaching in advance, is used even in the Revelation Climax book, prompting one guy ( now out) to say "who are they trying to kid? THEY said it!!"

    Guilt is used. and the implication of "where can YOU go?? (without dying) - the administering of existence by the cult.

    One criticism of the post was that my use of "cult dupes" gave the game away. Actually a WT study three years ago said that witlesses should say "my understanding of the Bible leads me to ..." rather than "It's against my religion." because:

    "those we are speaking to might think we are members of a cult."

    Blondie did post more recent statements about 1914 in the thread, but the WT will resurrect old light whenever necessary to suit its purpose, including p 137 of the "Proclaimers Book" or the 1927 generation teaching. The R&F will then obediently twitch and say "how did WE Fail to notice the noolite?"

    They will sometimes slip these things in without the R&F noticing, as the statement that "Jesus was not saying earthquakes would be more frequent". We still hear talks showing ignorance of this "light".

    I also show the use of equivocation. The average dub will not really see the difference between "the end of the Gentile Times", "turning attention to the earth" "came invisibly in 1914" or "invisibly present" since 1914. This is prime "weasel talk". it fogs the issue, making clear thought about the matter difficult.

    Nor will they see the difference between the slave "being appointed over all the Master's belongings" and "presiding over all the earthly interests of Jehovah's Kingdom."

    Hope I didn't upset anybody, but I did want to show how it might be done when it happens.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Oh, you little weasel you! You almost had me!

  • civicsi00

    I hope I have my family out before that happens.. I can't stand this flip-flopping, talkin' out of both sides of the mouth, spirit-directed but not inspired, non-prophecy prophecy spewing religion...

  • Sirona

    Well you could have had the decency to let us know that before now.

  • BluesBrother

    If they can get rid of the generation of 1914, the close of the call to the remnant in 1935, the banning of blood proucts in medicine (except for the big four parts) the Tuesday group study and cups of tea at Assemblies, there is nothing that they cannot change.

    Consider, I usd to believe that the end of this world would come within a lifetime of the first World War, why? because Jesus told me (in Mathew 24) That, I believed, was from the Master's mouth..Then I suddenly did not believe it anymore because some unknown man in New York wrote an article that I did not understand, but told me that I had been wrong. So I changed my belief in direct denial of what I read in The Bible.(That is if you still accepted the rest of the Witness teaching)

    I changed to follow an organization..People just follow an organization.They believe what it teaches. Doctrine changes only faze a few old ones who cannot grasp them , the rest just say, "Ok" and get on with it

  • anasazi

    The FDS is not about 1914 or 1914. The FDS is the program or process of feeding the sheep the spiritual food. 1919 is when the Cedar Point assembly happened. That is a fact.

  • hamsterbait

    Anasazi - the FDS as taught by the WT has been giving out spiritual food. That is not in doubt

    The teaching of the WT is that they were appointed by Jesus over all his "belongings" 3 1/2 years after he Arrived in Kingdom Power. The paralel with 3 1/2 years after his baptism and clearing out the temple is cited as proof. This is the time he "suddenly came to his temple" in 1918 - 1919, inspected all those claiming to be Christians, and found that only the Bible Students were teaching the truth from God's word - thus feeding his people "food at the proper time".

    The date 1919 is therefore very dependent on 1914.

    It is well worth researching the literature to see how this is presented.


  • oompa
    oompa "cups of tea at assemblies??" never heard of this crazy one.....whats up?....................oompa

  • StAnn
    The FDS is the program or process of feeding the sheep the spiritual food.

    Anasazi - The FDS is not a program or a process. It is allegedly the GB. And the food they've been feeding the sheep is contaminated, to say the least.

  • Quandry

    1914 cannot go. They stubbornly refuse to let it go. If they did, their credibility would be completely is one of the "deep things" that they cling to.

    anasazi thinks 1914 is just a date. Of course she also thinks:

    I however, hate apostates and opposers. They have wicked hearts in that they dispise spiritual things.

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