Query letter: What do you think?

by rekless 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • rekless

    Hi JeffT

    Check the websites of the agents you're contacting and look for submission guidelines.

    Get ready for lots of rejection notes.

    Thanks...I've been on agents blogs, web pages and writers forums, and Lord knows I have received rejections, "mostly it's not for me."

    I just wanted to get some feed back from xjw to see if it sounded okay, or stupid, because this is the best place to get honest feed back.

  • Hortensia

    look for submission guidelines. Before they read the manuscript, they want to read some other things. You have to answer questions like this in your submission:

    What are your qualifications to write this book.
    who is it written for
    what books would be the competition and how does your book stand out or what makes your book different
    And then they want an outline, table of contents and a couple of sample chapters, double spaced, no formatting, check the submission guidelines for how to make chapter headings stand out, etc.

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