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  • JimmyPage

    In this week's service meeting there is a talk taken from a WT about what to do if you lose your job. One suggestion is to not be picky about the kind of work you do. To reinforce this it shows a picture of a guy working over 3 stories in the air looking very vulnerable (I kid you not). If he's a typical J Dub he probably doesn't have health insurance either. This is SOUND advice? You've gotta see this pic! It's in the Oct 15 2005 WT page 10. As Groucho Marx said a fall from this height would be a heckuva bounce.

  • WTWizard

    I guess they don't believe in getting training for a better job. They want people to be enslaved to the Washtowel Slaveholdery for secular jobs. This is best done if the bosses are "brothers", and getting disfellowshipped will also get you fired. Notably, most of the businesses where the bosses are other witlesses involve cleaning.

    If you are picky in finding another job, however, you will likely have to go back to school. And one should be somewhat picky--the job has to provide adequate income to sustain. And the boss is likely to be a worldly person, meaning getting disfellowshipped will not cost you your job.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Haven't seen the pic - but not surprised by Watchtower silliness any longer.

    It may be good advise not to be too picky - but the pictorial seems out of line with that. They discourage 'thrill sports', but expect untrained, unskilled janitors, to climb to dangerous heights to earn 8 bucks an hour washing windows [or similar] so as to avoid worldly education. Geez!


  • avengers
  • easyreader1970

    We had this talk last night. The main point of the talk seemed to be this:

    While you should still look for a job when laid off, you should not neglect field service. He gave the examples of the people who would lose their jobs and ended up going "where the need is great" to help others in the ministry.

    Our version of the talk wasn't very offensive. That is, the version that our elder gave focused mostly on common sense things while at the same time he encouraged the person not to be so depressed that he neglected the field ministry.

    I've heard far worse parts on the service meeting.


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