Major Changes in Watchtower Land???

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  • steve2

    Dedalus, your ignorance is showing. See what happens when you leave the "truth"? All these marvelous changes occur and you're left way behind. The new light simply dazzles that sunglasses are absolutely necessary. Isn't it intriguing, though, how all these changes revolve around reduced requirements? Not a healthy sign for the Watchtower that the major changes are about reducing output!

  • Pistoff

    I believe the real reason for combining the book study into the TS/SM night is to free up an evening in kingdom halls that have more than 3 congregations meeting in them; in January of 2009 these schedules will VOILA have one more night per week to scheduled.
    <br>This will lessen the need to dig deep to build halls than the circuits/local congregations cannot currently afford.
    <br><br>Does anyone think that the GB really cares about how much we spend on gas?? Or that all of a sudden they do not want to be a burden? What about the lectures we get about the poor African sister that drags here 6 children to meetings, swimming the river to get there? So gas in the US goes up to be maybe 2/3 of what other countries are paying, and all of a sudden they are worrying about putting a burden on us?? Get real.
    <br><br>If they did, they would not send circuits and districts to (cheap) faraway places every year; they would not insist on a nearly totally unproductive door to door ministry that is NOT bringing in people.
    <br><br>This helps to solve a problem for them; the contributed funds for the general and building work in the US are cut way back due to a falling economy.
    <br><br>That is my take.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The cutting back on the meeting on Sunday and taking out the book study all together, could it be personally devised so that there is less scrutinizing of their work ? Could the big boys be cowering back a little because of scandal after scandal ? And the bloody inter-net that exposes their corruption ?

  • fairchild

    Wow I was just wandering by here and reading this. I've been out of the loop. I'm shocked! The word "slacking" came to mind. Maybe with shortening the meetings they are hoping to attract more people. Who on earth wants to sit through 3 meetings a week, including taking a two hour chunk out of your Sunday morning? I've always thought that all those meetings might be a turnoff.

  • WTWizard

    They just announced that the book study will merge with the Theocraptic Misery "School(??)" and Circus Meeting effective on 1/1/2009. They split the Washtowel magazines effective this past January. The Asleep! became monthly in 2006. The Sunday boasting session (the public talk) was shortened--the public talk went from 45 minutes to 30, presumably to eliminate any variance in the talks.

    As for reducing the pioneer requirements, that was old news. That happened in 1999.

  • winnower

    One more change coming to JW land.

    All the seats for "Princes" have been taken.

    Elders will now have to draw straws for cleaning priveliges.

    The Council of
    Princes of Jerusalem

    The Council of Princes of Jerusalem confers the 15° and 16°, which teach lessons using the settings based on the Babylonian captivity of the Hebrews and the building of the second Temple.

    The Historical and
    Traditional Degrees
    of the Council of
    Princes of Jerusalem

    15° - Knight of the East or Sword - This degree teaches the important lessons of loyalty to conviction and devotion to right.

    16° - Prince of Jerusalem - This degree teaches loyalty to truth and fidelity to duty.

  • B_Deserter

    Ladies and gentleman, we have a new JCanon

  • Finally-Free

    Jehovah's chariotlike organization has a flat and is now moving in circles.


  • bornintoit

    More changes as Bossert gets a buyer

    After all the work they put into that building, where is all the money going??? Worldwide work I suppose

  • Seeker4

    Hey Dedalus, great to have you drop in!

    All the changes have been pretty well covered above. One cool thing was that the book study change was supposedly a big secret to be announced at the WTS a short while ago.

    Except, of course, that a few elders leaked it on JWD, and a few others inadvertently verified it, so all the apostates got a chance to leak it to any JW they were still in touch with...

    So...the big, secret announcement was not such a big secret after all.

    I hope you are doing wonderfully!


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