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  • R.Crusoe

    When the rock speaks and wants you to feel its pain which you had no inclination about!

    When it wants no part in your future why would another rock ever appeal to Sysiphus?

    What is there left for you to replicate the essence of ones life force.

    Take the football from the footballer and what has he left?

  • llbh

    This is a fascinating story and can sometimes be quite prescient to all of us i believe. Sometimes we do have opportunities to escape what the gods/ life plan for us.When we do not we can become like Sisyphus. Most of us here on JWD have escaped part of our own destiny, the difficulty lies in knowing how to grasp the opportunities as and when they present themselves to gain us the happiness we desire. Fear can hold us back, courage can liberate us.

    Very interesting JD

    Regards David

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