"Paradise Lost" and "JWs in Divine Purpose" -- PDFs!

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  • cabasilas

    I received a request for PDFs of From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained (1958) and Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose (1959). These are PDFs that have been around for a few years, so some here may already have them. The only difference is these have bookmarks added to them to aid in finding info quickly. (They are also searchable). I thought I'd share them here for newbies that may want them for research.

    The PDF of From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained (30 MB) can be downloaded from:


    The PDF of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose (27 MB) can be downloaded from:


    These files will, no doubt, bring back many memories. The first JW book I ever finished reading was the old Paradise book.

  • yknot

    You read my mind !!!

    I was just looking over my Paradise book and wishing it was in PDF, since mine is falling apart.

    Many Thanks !!!



  • garybuss

    Good job! Thanks!

  • NanaR

    Thank you!!

    Reading the "Divine Purpose" book when I was young gave me nightmares :-( I was completely convinced that someone was going to come to our house and arrest my mom and dad and take my sister and I to prison.

    I can put this research to good use. Searchable on the computer beats reading page after page any day!


  • cabasilas

    Yknot and Garybuss, You're welcome!

    The description of Armageddon on pp. 207-213 of the Paradise book would be pretty terrorizing for a kid to read. The picture spread on pp. 208-209 must have prompted a few nightmares! And the book is emphatic that `only those who seek Jehovah' will survive Armageddon. It's hard to believe this book was promoted for JW children to read.


    Thanks Cabasilas...The Paradise Lost book was the only one I didn't have in my library. I remember studying that !#@#@!$%#$@ book at least 12 times with my mother ...always right after school before I could be a real kid and go outside. I HATE THAT BOOK WITH A PASSION! Plus I was at Yankee Stadium when I believe they introduced it. If I had a real one in my posession I'd have a very solemn ceremony and burn the thing!


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I was thoroughly acquainted with the "Paradise Lost" book. Had several studies in it when I was a pioneer. When our daughter was a baby, both Clyde and I taught her to read at a very young age by looking at the pictures and reading to her while pointing at the words. We were SO proud of her. I distinctly remember the picture of the people falling into the chasm at Armageddon and saying to her, "bad people die." I know, it was pretty sick. We were cloned to say things like that.

    Now, 40 years later, she thinks that Clyde and I are going to die at Armageddon. We are "bad."


    Here's one of my favorite quotes....

    To all surviving flesh the dead bodies will be disgusting,

    hateful things . Worms will not stop swarming over the millions of

    bodies until the last body is eaten up . Birds and beasts also will eat

    their fill of human flesh until nothing is left but white bones .

    Sweet Dreams little ones.

    ...And those Bastards have the audacity to criticize Harry Potter!


    PS. I think all of us who had to endure this book should file a class action lawsuit against the WTBS for mental child abuse.


    Ok, I'll shut up after this...

    On a side note: The Divine Purpose piece-o-crap does a pathetic gloss-over of the Russell immorality/divorce scandal.


  • cabasilas

    There's a lot missing from the Divine Purpose book. The Proclaimers book is a more honest attempt to deal with WT history, though it's got several flaws as well. The hardest part of reading the Divine Purpose book is the fictional dialogue between the two couples: John and Eunice and Tom and Lois.

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