Anyone heard this one about Home Studies??

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  • aniron

    I picked this up on another forum the poster said the following.

    I was also told by a witness at the door that they are no longer doing real home bible studies with new 'suckers'. Instead they are doing 'doorstep studies' because everyone is 'so busy'. In other words they can't get anyone to let them in for an hour so they now call their little 'preach and runs' bible studies.

    I know they used to say if you called back on a person, say with the magazines, after 2-3 times you could count it as a "study"

    But not heard anything that they are cutting down on actual "home studies"

    Come to think of it the emphasis on "getting a study" seems not to be mentioned as much.

    Anyone any thoughts on this?

  • undercover

    Several years ago, the Society started marketing a different approach on how to start Bible Studies. Instead of trying to get people to commit to an hour long study, they suggested that you get people to just look at a brochure and answer questions a page or two at a time. Once you were able to return two or three times and continue this, you could count it as a Bible Study. I never heard of counting a magazine route as a Bible Study though.

    I don't think they ever have suggested that the old style studies go away, but they were aware that most people weren't going to commit to an hour or more of someone reading a Watchtower book to them, so they came up with this novel approach. Not only did people study with the WItnesses and not know it, it helped bolster the number of book studies being reported.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I was also told by a witness at the door ...

    The poster of that statement may believe he is telling the truth and he may very
    well have been told that. It could be part of the "Tell them anything to start a study"
    program. But it's not a new absolute way to do things.

    The fact is that the pioneers go out day after day and conduct home studies of
    WT books in the homes of people. Most studies last more than an hour, but they
    were instructed to try the shorter doorstep study with any who refuse to commit.
    They hope the person will eventually turn the doorstep study into a regular study.

  • WTWizard

    Just another way to lower the entry barrier. Too many people are realizing that a whole hour is too big a step up, so they cut it to a few minutes. More people are able to commit at that level, and will eventually work up.

    Hopefully, that gives them more time to look up apostate web sites and cross reference the witless religion. And more studies cut short.

  • MrsBee

    In my area they dont even knock on doors anymore,they sit in cars at the shopping centers and hand out literature LOL I call it drive by witnessing LOL

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