Ex-Jehovah's Witness on Catholic TV May 19th

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  • jschwehm

    Tom Cabeen, former Jehovah's Witness Bethel Elder and Pioneer will be interviewed on EWTN's "The Journey Home" on his Conversion to the Catholic Church on May 19th. You can read Tom's story at: http://www.catholicxjw.com/ Jeff S.

  • DJ

    That is really surprising to me. I recall reading some of his stuff a few yrs ago and he was nowhere near there. Thanks for the post and link.


  • NanaR


    Tom commented several times on this board back in February. This is his post history, in case you want to read them:


    To read his biography, go to the link Jeff mentioned and look in the top middle of the page for the link. Jeff's link is:


    Tom and Gloria were received into the Catholic Church in June 2006.



  • blondie

    This should be interesting. Last I talked to Tom, he felt you could join a church without accepting every doctrine they taught. It seemed to prove a problem eventually in the Protestant churches he affiliated with. I wonder if he accepts every doctrine of the Catholic Church? I guess I'll have to watch.


  • Amazing

    Thanks Jeff. I will be sure to watch.

    Blondie: Not all Catholics accept every doctrine. I have talked with Tom many times in the last two years. I am reasonably sure he accepts all Catholic teaching and doctrine.

    Jim Whitney

  • BurnTheShips

    Thanks Jeff.

    I will schedule on the DVR.


  • BurnTheShips

    Wow looks like this thread brought a few oldtimers. Nice to see you again!


  • blondie

    The reason for my question is that I had an extensive conversation with Tom Cabeen if he advocated all the doctrines in the Protestant churches he had been associated with and he said it was possible to be associated without accepting all their doctrines. That seemed to be his approach in the past and it ended up creating problems between him and the congregation administration. So it was not a wild question to wonder if he had joined the Catholic Church under the same premise, Jim.

  • willyloman

    Wow, Cabeen, that's quite a "get" for the RCC. I don't expect a stampede, however, but I understand. I occasionally attend a local Episcopal Church, aka "Catholic Lite." I'm not quite ready for the fully caffeinated version.

  • Amazing


    Because I read your earlier comment about it, I understood that you had such a conversation with Tom.

    Protestant Churches, like Catholic, in general do not demand that one accept all doctrines. But, certain central doctrines can be important, and in some cases, a Pastor and/or Church Elders in a Protetant denomination may require acceptance of certain central doctrines, such as one must believe in Jesus Christ as one's savior, etc. It makes sense to me. Some Protestant churches have a longer list of central doctrines and this can create problems for some members. The Catholic Church likewise is not insistent upon acceptance of all teachings, though they prefer and hope that one accepts all of its teachings, especially all of the seven sacraments, Apostolic Succession and Tradition. >>So it was not a wild question to wonder if he had joined the Catholic Church under the same premise, Jim.<< I did not think it a wild question, but rather a reasonable and fair question. I simply answered it for you. I talk and correspond with Tom periodically. He has embraced the faith in its fullness. Jim Whitney

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