WT to start download of Kool-Aid edition of WT soon.

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  • hamsterbait

    I reckon that the WT is going to go down the line of giving publishers their own password so they can download specific litterature from the web. The passwords will be doled out by the elders, to whom the BetHell in each country will send them. (Each one will identify a SPECIFIC witless)

    The reason for doing this, of course, will be the "rising cost of fuel". Downloads will mean huge savings on diesel for the delivery trucks. (This is why the "big announcement" planted the idea in the dubheads.)

    Of course this will save enormous amounts of money as the dub provides paper, etc. The witlesses (they are, too!) will still contribute as much as ever.

    Though there will still be the public edition of the ragazines, it is the KOOL-AID edition and the Kingdumb Misery which are the real weapons under development to stem the rising tide of apostasy.

    You can now get certain articles as audio files. Once the publishers have been persuaded that WT sites are safe they will be willing to download their own study copies; maybe even the congregation babble study will turn into a publishers only.

    Once you sign in to the site, spyware will download to your hard disk, and from then on whenever you access your account at the Witchtower, it will inform headquarters of the sites you have visited, certain flags will be used so they know if you are an aposto, or consorting therewith. They will find a way to get the elders after you without saying how they know.

    Remember spyware is not yet illegal - even if it were, don't you think the Gibbering Buddy sees itself as Above the Law?

    Should a brother block this by using antispyware, the congregation elders will be informed to watch you closely - after all if you were faithful, what would you be hiding?


  • Quirky1

    hampsterbait - That's some pretty wild sh#t but you are probably not too far off course with some of the literature being on-line. On-line literature has become very effective in my line of business. Most of them have discontinued publishing catalogs and manuals due to the expense. Almost everything is done on-line.


  • carla

    I don't know, in my house they could spend probably weeks going through all the anti jw sites I go to! My jw could always just blame me for everything, wish he would visit some anti jw sites I would gladly take the blame for that!

  • NewYork44M

    I am not sure if you are speculating, or if this is for real.

    I can easily visualize the society shifting the burden to each congregation for printing the wts. This is how it would probably work: Each congregation would get the download and then they would go to Kinko's using the special wt negotiated rate. The cong would then be responsible for printing enough for the local publishers. No more mass printing at Walkill and no more wt expense. Each congregation would have the expense burden. But who cares about them anyways.

  • NewYork44M

    I don not believe the society would allow each publisher to do the download.

  • grassyknoll07

    "Once you sign in to the site, spyware will download to your hard disk"... LOL!

  • journey-on

    Maybe this could be a new MS position: The Downloader Overseer. He must have a User ID and password to access the site and prints out only the number of necessary copies for

    that meeting. As the publishers file out of the KH after the meeting, they pass a shredder where The Shredder Overseer confiscates their copy and shreds it appropriately. Those young

    men seeking to advance their ministry and service to Jehovah's organization could aspire to one of these positions. .....almost as good as the Microphone Handler!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have believed that a 'congregational version' of what you suggest is a real alternative, and one that I have personally thought they may implement someday.

    All they need is a secure website, and some sort of small copier on each KH end, and a password that changes often for each hall.

    No big deal in today's business world to have a Bizhub or similar in the KH - and a regular reminder at the meetings to contribute to the society for the 'food in due season' they provide.


  • yknot

    ...WARNING !!, WARNING !!....random conspiracy theory ahead........

    Does the WTS own significant stock in companies like Kinkos, Office Depot, or Stapples?

    I think it could be very profitable to charge each congo a "reduced fee" for downloadable PDFs of the SE versus printing them in house. However unless they abandon FS the printing of the Public WT will continue. Also there would have to be guidelines about printing since the WTS wouldn't want a visitor being handed some cheap black/white copy of the SE....no a certain amount of colored copies would be required with each edition for visitor provision.

    The congo charge would be the same whether the R&F downloaded them from the WT or bootlegged from "other" sites.

    As far as spyware and the JWapostate.......surely Jehovah's "will", will be done......

    Who knows......BTW why is so much printing being done in Canada?

  • undercover

    For a group of religious leaders who demonize the Internet at every oppurtunity and want to keep their followers from even attempting to access a free flow of information that is critical of the religion, it would be highly surprising if they were to make weekly magazines available to the rank and file through the Internet.

    But then again...they eliminated one of the meeting nights, giving the R&F one more free night away from indoctrination...

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