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  • Bring_the_Light

    Hey, Possibilites...... I noticed you had the disclosure that the letter was not "the original English" but was rather "a translation". I also noticed you joined April 29, 2008.

    Did the original language of this document happen to be SPANISH by any stretch of my imagination? If so, I think it means you're naughty!!!

    (This makes no sense if I'm wrong, please ignore, if I'm right, please just give me a smiley face, and nothing more will be said of it)

  • WTWizard

    "Later we will be sending information about field service..."

    I bet that information is going to include the directive that people should be spending the former book study out in field circus, thereby negating the gas benefits of deleting it.

  • lesterd

    You have to understand the knowledge base here, many of the people here have seen and experienced the changes of thoughts and ideas the organization has evolved from, it used to be a finite, black and white senerio, but as the increased pressures of being a true Christian in a modern world made the organization look fanatical it had to move to grey areas and put the weight of desiding what are Christina acts on the individual, making it a matter of conscience and not law. The organization has caved into the ruler of this world to conform and not stand out.

    So many here can make assumptions, and correctly so, as to what the motivation behind statments made in the letter really mean or imply.

    There are many here that have had their faith ripped away from them by the changes in dates, policies, and doctrinal changes. The truth is the truth and does not change, old truths can not change if they are the truth and become new truths.

    The generation you are dealing with have long forgotten the efffects of changes in the past and that the percentage of the 6 million that are new, ten years or less is so high, they have no real history with the organization. My grandfather road the train with the judge, thats history.

    So as you read take into consideraton that some of us are bloody casualties of the WT and do not candy coat the truth.

    Welcome and keep an open mind, take what you can use and leave the rest till another time of growth.

  • aniron

    possibilites wrote:

    I was present for the reading of that letter and found posts here talking very negatively about the letter. One said the letter stated that there is concern about lack of attention to JW families... about brothers and sisters leaving the truth...about families coming unprepared to meetings. ...........Those statements were not in the letter at all. I knew what I had heard, but couldn't understand how this person could have heard something different. There hadn't been anything sinister about the contents - in fact, it had a very positive tone - ...

    The letter said :

    In effect, the changes in the weekly program will allow us to strengthen the spirituality of the family, devoting one night to Family Worship. Family heads must assume the responsibility that Jehovah has given to them of leading their households in a significant weekly study of the Bible. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7) And single brothers and sisters who do not have family responsibilities should use this time for their personal study of the Bible. It is essential to be "buying out the opportune time" and to strengthen one another as we consider the events that are soon to occur. (Ephesians 5:15, 16) The day of Jehovah is indeed approaching rapidly. (Zephaniah 1:14; 2 Peter 3:12) So it is more urgent than ever that we make use of the time that remains to build up one another upon our "most holy faith." (Jude 20)

    Obviously "possibilities" has not yet come to know "Watchtower-Speak"

    Those of us who have spent years as JWs know what can be read between the lines.

    The fact that "Family Worship" is mentioned is an indication that they KNOW that most families are NOT doing it.

    "single brothers and sisters ...should use time for personal study of the Bible" in other words get off that computer looking at JWD etc, stop thinking for yourself.

    "buying out time .... strengthen one another" - many are leaving the truth because of what they are learning.

    Once you know how the WT phrases things then you can see between the lines.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Right on with everything said here about how the WTS words things. That bookstudy night will be used as a club for guilting JW's into doing more in FS. Just watch. They do need more $$$.

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