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  • isaacaustin

    At my church the words to our songs are simply displayed on a screen. I can see the WT ceasing their printing of songbook and adopting this. I somewhat wonder why they haven't already....each cong I am assuming pays its own utility bill and this would not be a great increase. The WT would save on this printing.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    There wouldn't be as much scope for sniggering at the lyrics and oh-so-strange music whilst looking down at the book with the person next to you.

    I vote no.

  • OnTheWayOut

    They have television screens in any hall that has Sign Language groups/congs. already.
    I actually don't see them entirely eliminating the printed songbook. The dinosaurs that
    run the organization still think a woman should be dressed as they did in the 40's.

    I see them stocking up on songbooks and Bibles just before they sell the presses.
    They would stockpile millions of them to last until they can farm out the lower-demand
    for songbooks and Bibles that the slimmer trimmer membership will need in the future.
    Then they will tell the dubs who they can *buy* their books from.

    I also see many dubs taking the lousy paperback Bibles and paying someone to
    rebind them professionally. Dubs will be so proud of their personalized Bible.

    I can imagine a time when WT's are sent to the elders on the internet and they pay to
    print them off the machine at the hall.

    I could be wrong. I suppose they could make the WT articles straight to the computer
    and put them up on the big screen that locals paid for- along with songs and Bible
    verses. Either way, eventually this will be the only choices left for the printing company
    that no longer makes any money on printing.

  • Satanus

    Well, it IS a publishing company. Oh, and a real estate company.


  • WTWizard

    They could cut out the Kingdumb Maladies altogether and I wouldn't miss a thing.

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