"You knew didn't you?"

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  • Dagney


    My JWBF called today. I had called her yesterday because I was DYING to know what she thought about the news, but she wasn't in.

    She had LOTS to tell me today about what's going on in the hall, they are going to bring the PO down.

    Back to the CBS change, I told her "in reading the letter" (hehehehe) I know they used rising fuel costs as a reason, but that doesn't make sense to me, pardon my skepticism. I told her I thought it was further changes due the simplification plan and greater control. It's also a way to make the numbers look strong. And she agreed that we have never heard a letter with that verbiage of concern for the flock.

    She told me "see, you left too soon!" I sure wanted to say, "No, it wasn't soon enough."

  • oompa
    Dadsknees: , "No, it wasn't soon enough."

    That may be an understatment...................oompa

  • Hope4Others
    And she agreed that we have never heard a letter with that verbiage of concern for the flock

    Or concern for the Wt bank account.


  • JK666


    Changing the CBS arrangement because of gas prices is about as plausible as them becoming an NGO for a library card. Some people just love Koolaid. I am glad you are out, too!


  • 4mylove

    Jk, I love your post!!!! Well said!!!


  • Quirky1

    Can you spell "Manipulation"?

    Sure, I knew you could.


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I guess we apostates love the feeling of having insider, esoteric knowledge just as much as Jdubbies do.

    So how come your PO is going down?

  • d.boon

    Maybe there going to get rid of the elder arrangement like they did the Bethel Elders. and we can finally watch The Office which Satan put on Thursday nights to tempt me to stay home. d.

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