What should be done?

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  • Sunnygal41

    I'm sure most of us here are aware that oil speculators are behind the ever increasing gas prices here in the US............what do you think should or can be done? Do you think the government should get involved, for instance? Can they? Be interested in what anyone has to say or is thinking about this topic other than "it's horrible".


  • Quirky1

    Can you say "Conspiracy"...Sure, I knew you could.


  • beksbks

    The thing is, it's not just American speculators, so not much we can do with legislation. If the world would get on board, we might get somewhere. But better yet, let's end our dependency. It's despicable what the love of money does to morals and decency.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Should the government get involved?

    That's a tough question. I believe the government of the United States has the power to
    change things, but I think they should work hard to make sure all citizens have better
    health, education, and welfare (not checks but well-being type welfare). That doesn't
    mean they need to focus on the middle and upper classes. They need to feed and
    shelter the poor, but mainly get a focus on education. I know there are tons of
    controversies involved, but NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND is not working. Food stamps
    and shelters are not even federal programs. Healthcare is an extremely tough issue,
    because without the incentive to get rich, why would people want to become doctors
    with years of medical school and debt?

    If we abandon foreign oil and perhaps focus on a little bit of keeping policy at home,
    instead of international, the military reduction in spending could go a long way.

    I think the U.S. has reached a point where the middle class was too expanded and
    the fat cats like the direction things are going in. There will be a widening of the poor
    because of the rising cost of heat and electricity and fuel and the things that fuel
    delivers (everything). The creation of more poor will create a bigger low-cost labor
    force which will cut shipping costs from foreign ports. The lousy education is
    speeding it along.

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