Why to people give thanks (prayer) to god for their food?

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  • sinis

    I find it completely ironic that people thank god for food and clothing, when if you look at the OT in Genesis you see how Yahweh curses the ground and tells man that he will work his ass off for food, shelter, daily life. Why are people giving thanks to a God who knowingly made life hell to begin with? Couldn't it be said that man works for his own food and that he should be thanking himself? I mean after all, if God gave man a car that got 1000 miles to the gallon, and then changed his mind and said, oh by the way it will only get 20 miles to the gallon now, - oh and each time you have to fill it up you have to rotate all four tires, change the oil, clean the car, etc. or it won't work. I think after a while the blessing becomes a curse - would the car owner still thank god for this "loving" provision? I think not...

  • VoidEater

    Perhaps we could better thank God if he had made us without the need to eat...

    Seriously, though, I suppose it is a hallmark of humility to thank God for all good things (oh, but blame the devil for all bad things). It's a way to deny the self, or the self's importance.

  • WTWizard

    People plant the seeds. People do the work to make sure the crops are not ruined (by God). People harvest the crops. People process and market the crops into food. People work to pay for the food. People distribute the food. People prepare the food. And God gets the thanks???????????

  • lisavegas420

    I've told this before..but I'm saying it again.

    My husband (never a JW) always..always..prays before eating.

    One time I said..."what are you doing?"

    he said, "giving thanks for my food."

    I said.."who are you thanking? I'm the one that prepared it."

    He said.."I was thanking God...for you."

    ain't that sweet.


  • atpeace

    actually i think most of what we do is based on tradition and altered traditions. the book "the power of myths" by joseph campell - he draws the conclusion that our modern day prayers were based on how the Indians would bless the animal they had just killed - thanking it for the life it had just given. interesting book - made me look at many things in a different light!

  • outofthebox

    lisavegas420... very sweet :)

  • undercover

    The Bart Simpson prayer:

    "Dear God, we paid for this food, so thanks for nothing!"

  • Sasha

    I personally give thanks before eating meals, thanking God for the food, when so many have nothing to eat. I do it becaaue I am grateful!

  • Free

    Prayer is a form of O.C.D. What about praying for air ?, Just eat !

    It's all about guilt , Religions #1 tool.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Interesting, pray for or say thanks for air and dirt.

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