Let's Hear It for Canadian Rockers!

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  • Graham G.
    Graham G.

    'Late Great'? I hope he's not dead? He is awesome! Best thing is to see him play, holding the guitar on his lap. I loved the "See The Light" album. Ironic title for a blind man.

  • Twitch

    Graham, Jeff Healey died about a month ago.

    Blue Rodeo does rock, in a country kinda way,...:)

  • Nosferatu

    Headpins!!! I've seen them 3 times already and they still kick ass.

    I've seen Helix twice

    April Wine once, and they were awesome

    Queen City Kids - Twice

    Harlequin - lost count :)

    Streetheart is cool, wanna see them again.

    Honeymoon Suite puts on an awesome show - seen them twice.

    Oh yeah, go download all these bands if you've never heard of them :)

  • Quirky1

    Way to go! April Wine & Loverboy! Two great artists!

    I seen Loverboy once but don't remember it.....It was a psychedellic evening.

    April Wine was a party favorite years ago.


  • VoidEater

    Not sure I'd count Heart...though they're a fave of mine.

    April Wine and BTO, Loverboy on the New Wave end of things. Nickelback for Alt Rock. But I think all of these are already mentioned. I'm not al early adopter any more...

  • tijkmo

    patrick watson

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    take off u hosers. Take off to the great white north. It's a beauty way to go.

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