Reporting preaching time is another obvious 'burden' that could be removed

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    Fred and Ray on Door-to-Door: the Truth

    "In all the accounts, there is not a single instance that shows Jesus or any of his apostles or disciples calling from one door to the next door or even going from one house to another house." --- Ray Franz, ISOCF, p. 220

    During the meeting [with GB] in which the above was discussed, Ray asked his uncle if, then, the texts in Acts actually mean going from one door to the next door:

    "Yes - I believe it can [not "does"] include that...For example, on going to a home Paul might have entered in the front door, and after his discussion, he might have gone out the back door, and so he would be going from door to door." --- ibid., p. 223

    Laughter broke out among some of the GB, but Fred Franz's comment was stated in all seriousness. Ray was stunned.

    The materials that Ray had prepared were given only a cursory glance, and a vote was taken - thirteen in favor, four not in favor - wherein the position was maintained that door-to-door activity is indeed supported by the aforementioned NT texts.

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