Food Rationing

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  • Sasha

    In Costco and Sams club they are rationing the rice. Television said "Food shortages only to get worse in next 3 years". Wait till the trucks stop delivering essentials.

  • hubert

    They are rationing the rice because people are starting to hoard it.

    They did that in the 80's when they had the (makebelieve) gas shortage. It didn't work then, either. If I needed to drive 100+ miles to see my relatives, I would go to get gas two different days, (we were only allowed a half tank of gas per visit), and would syphon gas into two 5 gallon containers and put them in the trunk of my car, and pray no one would run into me while on my trip.

    Yeah, it's very dangerous, but how else could I make the trip. I had to be sure I would have gas to get back home, in case I found gas stations closed because of "no gas", which was also happening.

    Oh, and on the news they would show tankers sitting outside the bay, with a full load, waiting for the price to go up before they'd come into port and unload the gas.


  • RubaDub

    I wouldn't get too concerned about this ..

    At Sams and Costco, they are limiting the purchase of rice to 4 bags ... that is 4 bags at 20 pounds each ... a total of 80 pounds per visit.

    This was done since many small restaurants buy their basic food items from these places and there were some people buying hundreds of pounds of rice at a time to stockpile at home. These stores don't want to lose a significant portion of their business (small restaurants) when the basics are not in stock.

    Rub a Dub

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