The "Bait and Switch" tactics of the Watchtower Society

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  • WTWizard

    It isn't limited to the doctrine, either. Many people are promised better things now (for me, it was the opposite sex. Many have had promises with education, poverty, better health, and a better job that led them in.) And, then they get in, only to find out that they are being led up the ladder. The blessings kick in at the step beyond the one they are on now, which will become the next step beyond that when they do move up.

    Then, it hits. It's only a matter of time before they do the exact opposite. Most people looking for a better job get more stagnation and less income. I got closed out from the opposite sex instead of helped. Education is also cut off instead of improved. And many people will get sicker from the stress, poor diet, and cutbacks on exercise once they join. Never do they actually get the promises fulfilled.

    A side point is all the activities showcased in the Asleep! magazine. That is another promised item. Once they are in, however, they find out that their time is for field circus, placing more Asleeps containing more showcased activities. At no time do they get to learn to practice their new hobbies.

  • oompa

    Drew, I really like your reasonings on this subject. While it is very different for us "born ins" (kind of have it all infused from birth), you kind of describe a religious evolution. The "things" taught evolve into a much bigger and more powerful thought. I think I am going to start asking my elder/dad and other friends why they don't proudly go announce "we are the chosen" at the doors. Most dubs seem to really hate that question when it does come up, and sometimes even WT dances around it a bit...."Are you guys the only ones approved of by God, and is everybody not a JW going to be destroyes?" That makes most dubs squirm..........................oompa

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Great points WTWizard

    I never have thought about how the articles in Awake! make it seem like there is actually diversity and activity within the Witness community.

    I remember quite well all the promises made to me by the Elder that I studied with. He told me about all the many opportunities for young people in the religion. Of course it was an idealized picture of what the JWs wished they had and not what they really have. Once I became a member I hit the ground running, only to find out that there was no opportunities for me. This led me to be very discouraged. By my third year of being a Witness I had given up on advancement and fell into a stagnant routine of personal blame and guilt. It was my fault that things weren't working out, not the Watchtowers.

  • Borgia

    When we were discussing here on jwd the change from a public tower to a private and public tower I recall in general the arguments were connected to the WTS becomming more down on keeping pace and line for the R&F.

    Although I have witnesses the changes you have put them in a very interesting light......

    Thanks Drew.



  • hamsterbait

    The group process at the meetings makes the person less likely to disagree openly and publicly challenge what is being asserted.

    Along the lines "everybody else is sipping the cyanide, maybe I should too. " It is the same process that makes it very hard and uncomfortable for a witless to remain seated in a football stadium when the National anthem is played.

    The fact is that humans have social insticts to fit in. How often do we justify ourselves by saying "everybody else is doing it"

    It is also true that if the car in front of you jumps the lights you are twice as likely to do so too.

    A one on one study is more confrontational, so you are able to take it or leave it.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan
    The group process at the meetings makes the person less likely to disagree openly and publicly challenge what is being asserted.

    And that is exactly why they use such an atmosphere to teach the 'faithful slave' doctrine rather than the 1 on 1.

  • Leolaia

    I don't know, the "grand narrative" comes through pretty clearly in the Revelation Climax book, which is currently being studied for the umpteenth time.

  • slimboyfat

    I think I confused matters by apparently equating a strong "narrative" with the presence of wacky interpretations. The new Revelation book certainly has more than its share of weird and stretched interpretations, but it has a poorly presented overall narrative I would aver.

    No, the Revelation book actually does not present a continuous narrative at all. It atomises the text by breaking it down into separate visions with different prophetic timeframes. It consciously adopts this structure which disavows an overall narrative in fact.

    Contrast this with the old Babylon the Great has Fallen book which reads as one long story from Nimrod right up until Satan is crushed after the thousand years: a regular story book if ever there was one. Both books ostensibly take the form of a verse by verse treatment. (Although the Babylon book only deals with the second part of the book of Revelation) However, whereas the new Revelation book uses the text to make erratic and eccentric doctrinal and ideological comments, the old Babylon book moulded the whole text around the grand historical narrative of the writer's creation. In the new Revelation book the subject of one chapter does not necessarily follow from the last and it jumps all over the place. In the old Babylon book it reads as a straight story and one chapter follows another logically.

    I suspect that Franz wrote the Babylon book, and although he was still alive when the Revelation book was released I doubt that he wrote it, although he may have had input on the content and probably a veto on important points of interpretation. Old Franz could sure string a narrative together, and I don't think they have found a writer to replace him in that respect.

  • Leolaia

    Ah, I see now what you mean. What is found in the Revelation book is dependent on the older Franzian institutional narrative but fails to reproduce it as a coherent narrative that gives a "big picture" view of JWs in the overall sweep of history.

  • Open mind
    Open mind


    With less magazines to read and less meetings to go to it will be especially easier for men to meet the requirements needed to fill leadership positions.

    Firefighters are a particular bone of contention with some Bodies of Elders. They don't miss a lot of meetings, but they consistently miss a few. This loving new arrangement will make firefighters better servant material.

    Some congos have elders as firefighters and others won't even let them be a Ministerial Servant.


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