Whew, Long time since I ve been here. Hello everyone!

by xjwms 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • changeling

    Welcome back!

    changeling :)

  • zensim

    Welcome back. I too haven't been here in the longest time. Just popped in to check out if it was true about book study and - as usual, lol - got enticed into posting!

  • TheListener

    Hey xj, long time no hear.

    How is everything? I imagine your wife is still as active as ever?

    Has your situation changed with the hall or are they still leaving you alone?

    How is the business you were started doing?

    I will pm you an update on my situation when I get a chance.

  • xjwms

    Hey everyone

    I always said you guys are the greatest.

    and thank you so much for your Kindness.

    Wife still active, everyone at the hall is leaving me alone. as I do them.

    My business is finally looking better. (with some changes)



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