Rutherford--Bible scholar--by request!

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  • Atlantis

    Rutherford--Bible scholar--by request! Request from researcher: Hey Atlantis! Can you scan a page in the back of "Vindication 1" that says that Rutherford was a scholar? Thanks! *************************************************************** Sure! It will be up in a few minutes. N. **************************************************************************** (Vindication 1 advertisement) See Lady Lee's "Best Of Rutherford" section.

  • Dogpatch

    the world's foremost bible scholar!

    right. slap me.

  • Atlantis


    You said it! Rutherford, a "Bible" scholar!


  • AnnOMaly

    Do we have our first named 'celebrated WT scholar'? Any more?

  • Dagney

    Especially if they say so themselves!! It must be sooooooo!!

    (Kinda like that other guy here...)

  • Leolaia

    Other puffery statements to add to the list:

    "If you spend 15 minutes reading each of Rutherford's books you would get more pleasure than you would reading the Bible for a whole year" (Vindication, 1932, Vol. 3, p.383).
    "Until you have read Judge Rutherford's explanation of these questions, and of hundreds of others which in the past have been just as puzzling, you simply cannot understand the Bible" (Liberty, 1932, p. 64).
    "What would you do if you had the ability and power -- Would you make all sick people well and healthy? Would you cause the lame to be made sound and straight? Would you open all blind eyes? Would you unstop all deaf ears? ... Wouldn't you turn this whole earth into a paradise where all honest people could live in endless prosperity, health and happiness? Of course, every sane person would do so! Then why does not God, the great Creator, who the Bible declares is all-wise, all-love and all-powerful, do these things? Ponder over the above for a time and then ask yourself what it would be worth to you, in peace of mind and genuine satisfaction, to have a reasonable, believable, consistent explanation of the matter. That's just what you will find in Judge Rutherford's famous set of ten books" (Cause of Death, 1932, p. 64).
    "Each treatise can be read in just fifteen minutes, and more genuine satisfaction and profitable pleasure derived therefrom in that length of time than can be gotten from studying the Bible by yourself in a year" (Where Are the Dead?, 1932, p. 61).
    "In these days of perplexity you want to get on the right side of every question. You learned when a child what Jesus said about dividing people as sheep and goats are separated. That apt prophetic parable is now being fulfilled over all the world, and everyone is taking the side of Jehovah or against Him. Which side are you on? You cannot decide that properly unless you have the facts before you. This booklet explains the whole matter so clearly that with it as a guide you can make no mistake" (Calling Card presented with Dividing the People, 1933).
    "Judge Rutherford couldn't write these things unless he were used of God". (Golden Age, 23 October 1935, p. 50).
  • Dagney

    We thinks we are very smart!!

    Thanks for the gems Leo.

  • Aleman

    People, the truth have been always out there. I have seen that the truth comes from God not from Rutheford. He was also a sinner and another man searching for the truth. He was closer to the truth than, say, Catholics!


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