Conversation with my JW mother (arghhhh!!!) Need advice

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  • littleblueuk

    So last week when I casually mentioned the BS being cancelled, she was like, oh, no, they'd never do that. I asked her if she would be upset with it and she said she would, it was her favorite one. Then she asked me where I got my info and I set the Internet (of course!) Then she told me they were all apostates, etc...not to listen to them..

    Soooo yesterday I phoned her and asked, "so did they make the announcement about the BS?" She was like, "They're not cancelling it. They're just incorporating it into the service meeting." Then the usual, it's for the best, gas prices, etc. Seems like she's forgotten how upset she said she'd be.

    I asked her why they keep changing their minds? Of course I got the usual "new light." I asked her about the scripture in Deut. about anyone speaking a prophecy from the Lord and it not coming true should be put to death. She said, "well, I'd have to read that one." So I said, "hold on. I'll get it." So I read the scripture and said, "so it seems that the GB is wrong again." She fired back that the "truth" has to be revealed slowly and that the people back then couldn't handle it. (seems to me you'd have to be a lot tougher to live back then, but that's my opinion and I digress.) Of course no clarification on the false prophecy.

    Then I said that I was looking at churches to join and one was a little bizarre in that at one point in the past they thought they Moses was going to be resurrected to the Earth and they built a mansion in California for him to live in, and when it didn't come true, it was rather embarassing. What, I asked her, did she think about me joining this religion? Of course she said it was silly and it was a cult that would believe that. When I answered that it was, in fact, the JWs that did this in 1925 she said she'd never heard of it!! She was raised a JW and she's 61!

    She said nobody better ask her to choose her kids over religion or it would be religion. I said that I would never ask her that. I just begged her to research anything she had a question on. She said she did; why, she has all the cds and books from the Society!! I said, "I know that you're not allowed to look at other material so I urge you to look at the JW's own material from the past. You don't need to go any further than that because they bascially contradict themselves. If you were to compare the old with the new, you would think you're dealing with a totally different religion."

    Of course she went on about "the end" and how the government would turn against religion, etc. I said that it seemed impossible that would happen. Look at the adoration the Pope got from his last visit. I said if anything the government should start taxing religion. She said the the JWs were all united, all believe the same thing, no other religion. I bit my tongue to stop the brainwashing comment because I didn't want to get into it any further.

    It went no where. I did say that I would have a Bible study ONLY from the Bible though. No other books. She said she could get someone to do it...should I take the bait or bite more holes in my tongue????

  • Robdar
    I did say that I would have a Bible study ONLY from the Bible though. No other books. She said she could get someone to do it...should I take the bait or bite more holes in my tongue????

    You agreed to a Bible study? Looks like you're in for it but good. j/k.

    Seriously though, good for you. I agreed to the same thing several years ago. I still feel sorry for the young woman who conducted my study. Without the WTS publications to guide her, she was lost. One day she didn't show up. I wonder what became of her?

    Good luck to you.

  • carla

    Doesn't matter if you do or don't, I have yet to hear of a jw who will actually do a Bible study with a Bible and only a Bible.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    You need advice? Lol, I think you did marvellously (is that a word?) the Beth Sarim thing..

    It went no where. I did say that I would have a Bible study ONLY from the Bible though. No other books. She said she could get someone to do it...should I take the bait or bite more holes in my tongue????

    They're really not qualified to 'study' the Bible, we all know it is only used in support of WT literature...I'd be surprised if anyone would be willing to give you a 'Bible''s all about promoting the WT's Word, not God's.

  • momzcrazy

    It'll only be a matter of time until your study conductor wants to introduce the literature. Tell them you want to use only literature from 1950 and older!

    When I was telling my MIL about our leaving the borg, she asked me to compile all of the info I had found on the internet. I gave her 2 pages of quotes from the Society ONLY. I told her I went back as far as I was able to verify what was written. The only thing she could find to respond to was the blood fractions. She said they are now allowed because they are synthetic materials. Wrong, of course.

    And she said that if I lived in Jesus' time and had a question, would I ask Jesus or Judas. More like Jesus or the Pharisees, whom I compare the Society to.

    The Society's own writings could pull anyone with an open mind out of the cult.


  • real one
    real one

    You did great! It is a matter of the heart. Only Jesus can change our hearts. If you have a study that will be good so you can show them how different their Bible is or how it has been changed. So hopefully you will use another translation

  • BreakingAway

    I feel for you, littleblueuk.As a somewhat objective observer of the situation you just explained it's pretty evident to me that your Mom is up to her eyeballs (like most JWs) in believing whatever the FDS says.

    Instead of critically asking questions about what all of the changes could mean it's just more of the same: "new light", "it's the end", "for our own good", etc.,etc. Few really asky WHY ? , they simply turn off their mind and assign the decision making process to a mysterious FDS who claims to have all the answers... and then they just keep hoping for the end.

    Sadly, I think the objective of offering you a study is so that "you will come around" to their way of thinking of course.Isn't that the way it always is ? Some will ask questions about the cancelling..oops...I mean, reduced and moved, book study and it very well may cause them to more closely examine things and plan an exit.The majority though will come to the conclusion that the end is closer than ever and that's exactly why the GB ended the letter on that note.Keep that carrot dangling...

    I think the statement that : "nobody better ask her to choose her kids over religion or it would be religion", without even being asked the question, is her way of telling you how she feels about the whole thing.After all, you are her daughter and she just made her stance clear.I'm not suggesting you give up all hope because the unexpected does happen sometimes but I also think you're going to be beating your head against the wall in an effort to open her eyes.When people are ready...they will go looking for answers.Trying to force, or coerce, most JWs just makes them more convinced that satan is trying to get them "out of the truth".Just my 2 cents...

  • MissingLink

    Nice going with the Beth Sarim thing! Its fun to trick them into admitting they're in a crazy cult!

  • Shawn10538

    I can almost hear the skip in your mother's record... tic repeat, tic repeat, tic repeat, tic repeat...

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