Could This Be The Watchtower's Endgame?

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    How 'bout this for "New Light"?

    The Mosaic Law was right afterall...Tithing is back baby!

    Can't get more mainstream than that. I can just hear JR Brown saying..."Ya see we're just like everyone else...'cept we got the troof."


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am rather convinced in the past few months, with more changes than I recall in decades as a witness [not just doctrinal, but structure too], that something much larger is in the works. What I don't know.

    I believe the bookstudy change is all about manpower, and keeping a lid on off-target thinking. They simply could not control small, relatively informal groups. Who knows, perhaps some of them were beginning to think like many in Bethel did in the late 70's, and perhaps some had taken it upon themselves to actually study the Bible and present different ideas? They may have seem the BS's turning into a situation that could bring them down eventually.

    Whatever the reasons - we can be sure on one thing - the change is not being done to help the local brothers - it is being done to promote/protect/serve the GB and the central authority they seek to hold.


  • BurnTheShips

    Watchotwer goes out not with a bang but with a whimper.

  • IMustBreakAway

    PLEASE!!! Let them run out of GAS.

  • DT
    PLEASE!!! Let them run out of GAS.

    I don't think the old farts in Brooklyn will ever run out of gas.

  • Layla33

    I am also convinced something is up and personally I could care less what the WTS did, they could implode from within and I wouldn't bat an eye personally, however, since I have family members involved, that is a lot of the reason I read these threads.

    I always have a concern that they will really up the ante and do something like move somewhere away from the rest of the world and ask all the faithful JWs to do so, cutting themselves off from the rest of the world, and deciding Armaggedon is here and making them take cocktails or something along those lines..

  • LovesDubs

    Since they dont make any money on the publications, then producing the publications, housing the equipment to print, buying the products to make the magazines and the gas and trucking prices associated with all of that....HAS to be a huge negative impact on their income. Put on top of that the maintenance, and property taxes of ALL the property they own... (have they moved entirely to the Farm yet in upstate New York?) and then the food and housing for their FREE work force...and the cost of their nonincome producing overseers and bethelites WORLDWIDE...and the upkeep of the kingdom halls all around the world...

    Its mind boggling the costs they must be incurring.

    I think more and more things are going to become CONSCIENCE MATTERS to gradually remove the onus from the Society to determine people's futures. I think they will hang onto the shunning and the blood issues to the end and will go down with the ship on those. I think the lawyers are running the show and the GB are nothing more than the Royal Family is to England these days. There for affect.

    I think they have stopped writing "interpretations" of the Bible books and wont produce any more books for a "book study". I think they will start using the old Book Study now Bible Study time to start working through the bible a chapter at a time. And putting their slant on it and moving on. Read it at the meeting, have a brother give a short talk on the MEANING of said scripture, ask a couple questions to make sure the flock gets it...done. 25 minutes.

    I think they will stop having all these Special Assemblies and Circuit Assemblies every couple of months and maybe have ONE a year in the six months opposit the District Assembly for the purpose of baptizing people becauase they are getting prohibitively expensive to hold...what with having to rent meeting places, or build assembly halls and then maintain those and what with people NOT contributing on a regular basis...thats all coming out of pocket to each district.

    I think the Society is in a slow motion have many many many offshoot religions have done. And its happening now and they will be gone by the end of 10 years.

  • wings
    will the last person to leave the watchtower please switch out the new light

    sometimes ninja, you just need an honorable mention

  • oneairhead

    It was interesting how they read the accounts report at this particular CA this weekend. Let me explain:

    Cash on Hand in the Circuit accounts $8,000+-

    Brothers, we would like to annouce that we had a surplus from the last CA of $1,000+-.

    To date at this assembly we have collected receipts in the amount of $6,000+-.

    Total cost of this convention $14,000+-.

    Which gives us a deficit of $6,600+-.

    We are confident that you brothers will take care of this.

    Can you read into this?

    There was not a defecit! Anybody with 4th grade math skills could figure that out.

    These folks were just fleeced right in front of their eyes.

    These are just numbers that I could remember.


  • flipper

    It has been said on this board before on threads dealing with mind control " cults " - that when they see they are losing membership , or bad media attention happens , " child abuse scandals " , less meeting attendance - cults go in to overdrive in " control mode " to control and become even more dictatorial with rank and file members so as not to lose their power over these people. If you notice - especially since the November announcement of the child abuse scandals , just before this announcement it was starting as well. Check this out -

    1. September 2007 - The Watchtower society sends out an article in the Question Box section of the Kingdom Ministry advising members to avoid any other outside research on the internet, non-witness publications , or any secular or " worldly" research. " You only need our material -it is sufficient for you. " Control.

    2. October 2007 - The Watchtower society releases an Awake magazine dealing with child abuse and acting like they have always been a proponent of children , and have always abhorred the acts of child molestation , saying they align with God's word in hating this conduct. Control.

    3. November 2007 - On November 21st NBC nightly news release details about a multi-million $$$ lawsuit settled out of court with 16 Jehovah's Witness child abuse victims on nation wide news. The public statement from the Watchtower society in part indicates, " Although we hate and detest child abuse , only 11 elders in the 100 plus years of the organization have been brought up on charges of child abuse. " Once again, control.

    4. January 2008- The Watchtower society releases and starts publishing " witness only " Watchtower magazines to be studied only by Jehovah's witnesses at their meetings. A different version of the Watchtower is published for placing with non-witnesses out in the field ministry in public at people's homes. Control.

    5. April 2008 - At the last Sunday meeting in April an announcement is made that the Book Study which has been held in private homes - will now be assimilated into the ministry school and service meetings all at one meeting at local Kingdom Halls starting January 2009. Once again, control.

    So the point I'm making is the Watchtower is desperate to do " damage control" as well as literal " control" of their members by as AK JEFF said preventing them from meeting together informally at homes so a more critical eye can be kept on them from the powers that be in the organization ! So Metatron- I think this is their desperate endgame as you say to try to control their people- but I don't see the Watchtower society going down quietly into the night ! They will fight tooth and nail to hold onto power over people and not lose what they have built up for 130 plus years - which is basically " mind control" over their people. It's going to be a rough , slow burn I'm afraid

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