Dirty joke in the Awake magazine!

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hmmm, and here I thought that the awake magazine WAS a dirty joke.

  • Leolaia

    Well, don't forget about such allusions to smut at Bethel from that very year:

    "It is shocking and nauseating to hear vulgar speaking and smut at Bethel. It was stated by a sister that was one of the things you had to get used to at Bethel. The loudest laughter at the table comes when a filth or near filthy joke goes through, and your skirts are not clear" (Letter from Olin R. Moyle to Joseph F. Rutherford, 21 July 1939, p. 1736 of Moyle v. Fred Franz, et al.).
    "Well, going up and down the elevator at the office we used to hear plenty of it [bad language] and I remember one time going back into the ladies' rest room, and I suppose my face was pretty well flushed, and one of the women [Mrs. Howlett] said -- she laughted to think that I was blushing and she said, 'You will get used to that. I used to blush when I first came here, but we get used to that after a while' " (Testimony of Phoebe N. Moyle, p. 1585).
  • seawolf

    ahhahahahahaa this gave me my good laugh for the day. A++++ will read again!

  • Galileo
    About "the bees that were molested": To "molest" means to bother. In Spanish you would say: "no me molestes" or "don't molest me" as in "don't bother me". The person who wrote the words to that Kingdom Melody was probably a native spanish speaker.

    That makes sense. I never thought about the writer being a spanish speaker, although I was aware of the words other meanings. What I actually thought was what I'm sure most people thought, that the word more commonly meant "bothering" or "harrassing" when the song was written. Still, especially after I lost all faith that they were a spirit-directed organization, the idea that someone was having some fun and slipping in a dirty joke was always in my head when that song would come up.

    During the years when I was a Ministerial Servant, but no longer believed in a god, I used to have this fantasy that that song would end the meeting and I would be called on to say prayer. Since many brothers seem to like to work references to the final song into their prayers (a practice I've always found contrived and corny), I imagined saying something like "Jehovah, we know that Satan's bees will continue behaving as though they were molested, and they will keep coming and coming at us. And no matter how many times they come, we won't stop vigorously beating them off." Of course I never had the courage to do anything of the sort, and certainly wouldn't have gotten away with it if I had. An elderly brother would have gotten the benefit of the doubt, perhaps, but certainly not a twenty-something like me.

  • loosie
    Entertaining as this thread is, everyone knows that oral sex was not even invented in 1939

    I didn't know it was invented way back then. lol

  • serendipity

    If there are dirty jokes in the Awake, maybe I need to start reading it again? Nah.....

  • inkling
    oral sex was not even invented in 1939


    "His shade I have passionately desired, and there I have sat down, and his fruit has been sweet to my palate..."

    "...a spring of gardens, a well of fresh water, and trickling streams from Leb'a·non. 16 Awake, O north wind, and come in, O south wind. Breathe upon my garden. Let its perfumes trickle.”

    “I have come into my garden, O my sister, [my] bride. I have plucked my myrrh along with my spice. I have eaten my honeycomb along with my honey; I have drunk my wine along with my milk.”

    “Eat, O companions! Drink and become drunk with expressions of endearment!”

    -Song of solomon


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