Is there any way to disable it?

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  • Hope4Others

    Your going to have to re-format the whole thing, and start fresh.


  • greendawn

    You should be a good hacker and hack it all to pieces, it is somewhere there at a deep level somewhere in the registry.

  • AuldSoul

    You have to first find a comm protocol to interface through which communication is shielded from the New World OBS version 234.7. (OBS stands for Operating Bible System and their OBS is very buggy. It comes with an interface for frequent patches, upgrades, retrogrades, and occasional completely new operating systems)

    Without such a shield comm protocol the OBS will assume the workstation is under attack and that the threat could potentially damage many other workstations plugged into the same SFS (Spiritual Food Server, the local KH) and will immediately go into protected mode while trying to eliminate the offending comm traffic. It is remarkably successful in doing so, unfortunately. Even on those occasions where successful uninstall occurs, fragments of the program remain on the interface mainframe and can become reactivated again without a robust replacement OS. I recommend Independent Thinking OS v. 1.0 since the New World OBS cannot possibly run alongside this newer, more productive, self-corrective OS.


  • brinjen

    Re-install. Wipe everything, low-level format if you have to. Oh, and make sure you have a good firewall installed next time.

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  • JoyNichols

    Perhaps a new network?

    Or one's very own router . . . instead of using someone else's?

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