Would you have gone in SERVICE if you hadnt been required to report time?

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  • LovesDubs

    I remember reading...I think it was Ray Franz's book (how is Ray anyway?) that the GB said that the sheep "couldnt be trusted" to do anything voluntarily and therefore they couldnt stop the reporting arrangement because nobody would go.

    Since the statistics CLEARLY CLEARLY CLEARLY indicate that going door to door DOESNT WORK and in fact the number of hours spent bringing JUST ONE PERSON into the organization amounts to like 8 hours a DAY every day for a YEAR...youd think the Society would get with the times and eliminate that method. And...Jesus never went door to door anyway. Have those old men in the tower been so sheltered from the outside world that they dont know that there are radios? newspapers? INTERNET? That the sheep HATE IT? That they RESENT it? That it accomplishes NOTHING except ill will between the friends and a method of judging each other?

    Is sure as hell would NEVER have gone door to door selling God. It goes against every fiber of my body to invade peoples lives like that and waste my own and my childrens.

    What about you?

  • journey-on

    Maybe for an hour every other week just because Il-o-v-e-d Jehovah.

  • Casper


    I couldn't have said it better.... I agree with everything you said...

    No, I think after I had experienced it a few times, I would have thought... "To hell with this"... !!

    It goes against every fiber of my body to invade peoples lives like that

    Mainly for the above reason.


  • Hope4Others
    door to door selling God

    Hard question! But I'm probably leaning more towards the No side.



    May have done more of this................beach tripinstead!

  • nomoreguilt

    I've pondered this subject many times over 43 years. I think back to the days when there were sound cars preaching the truth. The wts at one time did use the radio, if I remember correctly. back in the 80's the wts realized that more and more people were working weekends anf therefore decided to find people where they would be when not at home. The Mall, the grocery store, fast food places in the early morning hours, etc. So, they started parking lot campaigns, evening witnessing downtown street corners.

    Now, we have the lack of effort by the R&F to do any of it seriously anymore. This only begs the question, Why Not TELEVISION!!!!! Everyone watches TV or uses the Internet. They have Billions of $$$, so why not?? Look at all the Tv preachers on any given sunday morning. they are on SOOOO many main channels AND scores of Cable networks.

    Had I not been required to report my time, Yes, I probably would have gone in the Ministry. I remember the deep studies into the greek words for everything in the 70's and 80's. DIOKONIOS, I recall, was literaly " Through the DUST". So, I was happy to go through the dust as the apostles did.

    My 2 cents.


  • S3RAPH1M

    In all honesty, I've met some cute ladies, and seen sexy women at some doors, so I don't regret going house to house. My absolute best experiences in preaching, have been when I was wearing my baggy pants drooping below my waist, looking relaxed, and approachable. I feel that we can evangelize even if we were butt naked on a nude beach.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I might have gone a few times for socialization but not as much as I did when I had to report it.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I have a hard time respecting anyone who lets their pants droop below their waist to show off their underwear. It's just wrong. I want to smack their butts.

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    I would have went a little.
    Then, after I found out what was really going on with the
    Society, I would have retired.

  • Layla33

    No, I can't say as I would have done it. Maybe once a month on a street corner if it was part of the organization, but not otherwise, I have never understood counting time either.

    This just reminds me of when I was working on this initiative to get inner city kids in college and taking the SATs, I went to a few communities in this country and we literally walked up and down streets and stood on street corners talking to the young kids about the importance of staying in school and studying math and science and it was FUN! A group of us would get up and talk and we had pamphlets and books and afterwards we would sit together and have a big breakfast, but I believed in what I was doing and the people and kids I talked to were inspired.

    When you feel forced to do something, I don't think anyone enjoys it, when you do something because you love and believe in it, you will enjoy it.

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