I had a chance to mention to my mom that I heard the bookstudy was no more

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  • BreakingAway
    I told my sister who is still a JW and she said and I quote "The only news that I know of is that tomorrow (Sunday) there will be a letter read worldwide from Bethel. If it has to do with the bookstudy getting cancelled, it only shows that they are preparing us for when persecution comes our way and this is another indicator that the end is very near. Remember, the Bible says that no-one knows the date of the end but God so the Society will not be making any more end of the world predictions except that it's right around the corner. Don't believe everything you read. The Bible says that in the end Apostates will rise and infiltrate Jehovahs organization and try to bring down as many people as possible with questions that doubt Jehovah. The only truth and security I can give you is to read the Bible for yourself and see what Jehovah tells you directly. Don't let anyone rear you from the truth." That is her word for word what she said. I'm so freaking confused right now.


    I was an elder for a number of years (before I decided to step down) and I can tell you for a fact that most of the friends have little idea just how "business-like" things are behind the scenes.Many times I had to remind the elders to pray before we had to make some decision as a body.So instead of being "guided", many decisions are made according to what one "thinks best" at the time.It can be a very "hit or miss" kind of thing, unfortunately.

    JW's in general have been been conditioned to view whatever changes are being made on an organizational level as one step closer to the end and that "they're preparing us".Well, this preparing has been going on for decades and is very hit or miss ! Many such decisions have been downright harmful, like banning organ transplants, etc.Then on a whim everything changes and previously heavily enforced "doctrines" or restrictions are completely reversed.It doesn't seem like much was very "spirit directed", does it ? If God has been directing this Org then he really enjoys having everyone on a yo-yo and screwing them up emotionally until they don't know if they're coming or going.Isn't God supposed to be a god of order ? The Great Mathematician ?

    And so this trend continues....

    Men in charge of a corporation (and that's what it is) are trying to figure out what to do to keep the "investors" from jumping ship.But to a sincere, believing person, the decisions are looked upon as being "for our good", and "preparing us".A parent will sometimes(however innocently) employ this "tactic" when they need some personal downtime and so they give their child something to do to "distract" them.The Rank and File JW's are viewed as immature children by the FDS who should obediently do what is said without questioning things.However, that's a recipe for disaster and even kids want to know the reason for things.Sadly, many such cults have done irreparable damage when believers put their faith, and life, on the line, failing to critically examine what is going on around them.This ultimate price is far too high to pay to men who don't know their left hand from their right.

  • Hortensia

    moonpie - your sister just turned on her tape and let it start unreeling. Her answer had nothing to do with what you told her, it was just a tape. She was on automatic by the end of the first clause. It's rather sad, isn't it? No matter what you say to a JW, they will say it proves jehovah is preparing them for the great tribulation or some equivalent. If you ask them how that follows, logically, they don't have an answer.

  • lisavegas420
    he saw my Christmas tree (yes - it's still up, I can't help myself...it's just so damn pretty)

    hehehe...that's so cute........my first Christmas tree was left up for an entire year. I redecorated each month for a new holiday. February had red stuff and hearts, March had green stuff and clovers, April it was Springy, July was red white and blue, Oct had little skeletons and spiders...ect. different colored lights for each holiday.

    it was a six foot fake white one, right in the center of my living room window..on it was also damn pretty.


  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Cognitive Dissident: I agree with your "sunk cost syndrome" analogy.

    Also, I think many long-time JWs are like poker players who went "all in" at some point. After you've gone all in, there's no turning back. This particularly applies to JWs who have given up something major. For example, the parent who lost a child because of the blood issue, the 40-something single pioneer sister who cultivated the "gift of singleness," or the 40-something pioneer brother who turned down college scholarships to serve God full-time. Imagine realizing that you've given up so much...for nothing.

  • skeeter1

    I told two relatives.

    Relative #1 replied, "I hope you are wrong, the BS is my favorite meeting. Where did you get the information?"

    Relative #2 went into lockdown mode and ignored me.


  • chickpea
    what will i say if she asks me how i knew

    something like..... one of the people i have become acquainted with on a ( name your interest.... ie cars, computers, gardening, etc)) forum has a relative active in the b0rg and they mentioned it since they knew i had relatives in the collective as well and wondered if i had heard about it

    nothing like flexing a little muscle, eh?

  • wings

    My husband told me last night he heard about it, (big deal because no one is suppose to know), announcement tomorrow (today).

    I just acted mildly surprised and interested. I love it that I knew this a week ago. LOVE IT!

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