Ordered a new book!

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  • sinis

    You know your free when you can entertain such ideas as this (just hope my dub wife doesn't find it) :

    Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation: A System of Personal Power


  • jaguarbass

    Magic and black magic this is an interesting topic. I have a 15 x 10 foot wall of books and someplace in there I have a book on esp and contacting the powers of the universe.

    My son gave it to me in the 80's after we both escaped the tower.

    I took it because my son told me by following the magic in the book or the instructions he called for the spirits of the universe to come into him and something did and held him at a 45 degree angle. After he did that experiment he became frightened and gave the book to me.

    I took the book and started in the begining it gave instructions on how to have out of body experiences it started out by telling me to write my dreams down every night. I started writing my dreams down. By becoming aware and concious of them, I started having bizzare technicolor dreams like I had never experienced before and I became frightened and put the book on my book shelf.

    My brother was watching Johny Carson one night and there was a man on the show talking about demons and demon attacks and possession. My brother laughed at the show out loud.

    That night and for years after something would come in my brothers bed at night and jump on him fight him and hold him down. My brother told me whatever it was was trying to get control of him and he was fighting it.

    In time these fights stopped and my brother developed the ability to have out of body experiences. To leave his body and go somewhere else and visit dead people including my dead father and family dogs.

    About 5 years ago I was working as a security guard. I met a fellow guard who was into black magic. He told me he made contact with spirits including demons. He gave me a book of black magic to read. He told me the spirits talked to him.

    He told me he had to take medicine to make the voices stop.

    I have worked at a jail for the last 3 years. I spent one night in a hospital with a fellow because he tried to hang himself, we cut him down before he died, because he wanted the demons voices to stop. He said they told him to do bad things and to kill people. They ended up filling him with thorozene until he was like a zombie, he didnt even know who he was.

    I have also seen another young man we get in the jail frequently, he becomes possessed, enraged, or goes off his medicine, depending on how you want to credit or describe it. When he does he will start beating himself up. He punches himself in the face, he punches the wall he runs his head into the wall. He stands up on the sink and dives off head first. Then we baker act him and they fill him with something and he becomes normal.

    I call myself an agnostic. I have read Dawkins and Darwin. I have read the bible and see the problems with it. But I suspect there is something going on. Something more than us being the evolution of an ameoba.

    I think if you go down the road of magic, you will know there is something also.

    But once you go down that road and act on it and act it out, 99% of the people who hear your story will say your nuts.

    I think magic and black magic is personal proof that there is a god, designer, plan. But once you take that pill, I doubt your comming back and no one will believe you if you do. I doubt you will ever be the same.

    The jails are full of people who have voices in their heads, who talk to spirits and aliens. The inmates who are botthered make hats, helmets to stop the voices. We dont let them have tin foil in our jail. Jails that have tin foil have to take the tin foil away from the inmates because they believe it stops the voices. They make tin foil hats to stop the voices. In our jail they make newspapper hats but the newspapper doesnt stop the voices like tin foil and we take the newspapper hats away also. We call them contraband.

    What came first the chicken or the egg. Are these people crazy and they hear voices. Or do they hear voices, spirits and it makes them crazy.

    If the scientist doctor is an atheistic darwinian evolutionist then he says the person has scitzophrenia. And they medicate them till they dont hear the voices. But I can see in some cases they medicate them to the point of being a zombie.

    My question to you before you read your book, practice your book, magic is a invocation of a spirit, do you have scitzophrenia, do you hear voices?

    I kind of suspect your going to be hearing some.

    Keep in touch, if your allowed.

  • Hope4Others

    At first I thought it said The science of evolution, but wondered why it had a demon on the front, until I read it a couple of times.

    You know your free when you can entertain such ideas as this

    Well all I can say is spirits are extremely powerful, there are good and there are bad spirits. Not all spirits are out for your good.

    Get caught up with the bad and your life will turn into a living hell. I'm really sorry you are getting this book,

    I no it is your decision I hope you can research more and change your mind. Possession does happen!


  • changeling

    Jaguarbass: This is the key sentence in your post:

    He told me he had to take medicine to make the voices stop.

    Have no fear,

    changeling :)

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    You'll be fine. Just make sure you have some nice cute fairies with fairy dust around to rescue you from the demons before you open it up.

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