What kind of apostate are you? Take the quiz

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  • changeling
    1) What is your JW status

    a - I'm a fader b - I'm still in c - I'm inactive d - I'm disfellowshipped e - I'm disassociated I have faded

    a - yes b - no

    a - I attend all the meetings b - I attend most of the meetings c - I attend some of the meetings d - I miss most of the meetings e - I do not attend meetings E

    a - I am a pioneer b - I am a regular publisher c - I am an irregular publisher d - I am inactive D

    5) When filling out your time slip do you

    a - Count the time you were out deducting breaks b - Count the time you were out including breaks c - Make your time up A- when I was in

    a - Yes b - No

    a - Yes b - No

    a - Yes b - No

    a - Not bother looking at the lesson b - Read Blondie's WT review c - Watch V's WT study videos I "studied" it most of the time.

    a - look for interesting points that prove the lesson is a crock b - give answers that indicate you're an independent thinker c - make a mental note to post comments on JWD d - I don't attend B

    a - I asked my boss for the day off b - I could not get the day off c - I did not want the day off

    a - Stay at a hotel on the recommended lodging list b - Stay at a hotel of your choice c - Doesn't apply

    a - I was giving a fine witness b - I was embarassed to wear it c - I took my badge off

    a - I still believe it's the truth b - I believe that the Society is imperfect but God is using them c - I'll wait on Jehovah d - The Watchtower is not the truth

    a - I don't have doubts b - I have doubts but ignore them c - I've had lingering doubts for years d - The elders can't help me with my doubts

    a - I keep them to myself b - I mention doubts to my closest friends c - I go to the elders with my doubts

    a - Pretend you don't know what they are talking about b - Draw them out to get their real feelings c - Direct them to a Society publication you know will stumble them d - Tell them the truth

    a - No b - Yes c - Occasionally

    a - No b - Yes

    a - Yes b - No

    a - Definitely no! b - Some of the time c - All of the time

    a - No b - Sometimes c - As often as I can

    a - Tell no one b - Tell your family c - Tell your JW friends d - Tell the elders

    a - Of course they are b - I believe that they are sincere c - I don't have to answer this question d - That's between me and Jehovah e - Jehovah doesn't have an organization

    a - Yes b - No

    Add up your scores for each question

    2 a 5 b 0

    3 a 0 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 5

    4 a 2 b 1 c 3 d 5

    5 a 0 b 3 c 5

    6 a 0 b 3

    7 a 0 b 5

    8 a 5 b 0

    9 a 0 b 2 c 2

    10 a 2 b 3 c 5 d 1

    11 a 1 b 3 c 5

    12 a 0 b 5 c 0

    13 a 0 b 2 c 5

    14 a 0 b 2 c 3 d 5

    15 a 0 b 1 c 3 d 5

    16 a 0 b 2 c 5

    17 a 1 b 2 c 4 d 5

    18 a 0 b 2 c 5

    19 a 0 b 5

    20 a 5 b 0

    21 a 2 b 4 c 5

    22 a 0 b 3 c 5

    23 a 0 b 1 c 3 d 5

    24 a 0 b 1 c 2 d 3 e 5

    25 a 5 b 0

    If your score was between 6 and 15 you remain mostly loyal to the slave but might have some doubts

    If your score was between 16 and 30 you are not sure this is Jehovah's Organization and have many doubts

    If your score was between 31 and 40 you are on your way out

    If your score was between 41 and 50 you are a beginner apostate

    If your score was between 51 and 65 you are an apostate

    If your score was between 66 and 79 you are a hard core apostate

    If your score was between 80 and 90 you are "the son of destruction"

    If your score was over 90 you are an "enemy of truth"
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  • changeling

    I'm sorry I did not play by the rules, so your scoring system will not apply.

    I am an atheist so I guess that makes me "public enemy #1".

    changeling :)

  • WTWizard

    I scored only 76, and that number would have been higher were it not for that I have totally cut off contact with the witlesses and do not have to deal with telling the hounders my doubts. Instead, I would rather let worldly people that are on their way in know, so they will not fall into the trap.

  • Borgia

    Well, I'm on the brink really. 79 points. That would make me either: a hard core apostate or the son of destruction.....Well....I think I need to contemplate on that one a bit more....



  • Serg

    56 points, i guess i'm your average apostate

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am a son of destruction with 83 points!

  • sacolton
    If your score was between 66 and 79 you are a hard core apostate

    HARD CORE!!!

  • Hortensia

    what kind of apostate am I if I couldn't be bothered to take the test because it was all so long ago and I don't really care about any of it? I guess I'm an apostate who's past it all. Or you could call me an enemy of the WTBTS - I wouldn't attack them actively, but when I get a chance to make a point, I try to.

  • dinah

    Really after question number one, the rest does not apply for me.

  • free2think

    Woohoo i scored 71, I'm a hard core apostate.

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