Why the bookstudy change won't affect as much as you think, tho big!

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  • Quirky1


    Good read!

    Thank you!


  • 5go

    I agree it will be welcomed for the most part.

  • sir82

    this article doesn't change the fact that the Bible predicts a fast approaching beginning to the end of Satan and all his wickedness.

    And Godot will be arriving any minute now!

  • carla

    "fast approaching " Since 1874!! come one, come all! The big A right around the corner! Join us or perish! We live to obsess about the end! Loads of fun, 5 meetings a week soon to be less! Throw away your pesky family who doesn't think like you! Become one of the lucky few who have a hope, just a hope mind you, no guarantee's of surviving the big A! You may talk to your dog but not to Jesus, simplifies your life. Come to US mere men for your hope of salvation.

  • still_in74

    I made this comment on another thread but here's what I think the spin will be....

    Families will now study the BS together as a family study in addition to the regular family study. Then family heads will get to count this as another study and showing an increase in "studies"

    The numbers are already dropping due to RV's being cut in 1/2 cause of only 1 set of mags/month so studies are sure to follow that trend.

    This change will offset those numbers.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    ok that comment has the most merit. It's a numbers game and this will definitely prop them up

  • jam

    the affect it will make, none. The same affect that a fly will have when it pass gas in a hurricane.

  • Alpaca

    Randy's comment:

    When the dissolution of the Watchtower movement comes, as it inevitably will, it will more likely be due to dissension from within than from the disconfirmation of prophecy.

    I would argue that the dissention is already simmering at a fairly substantial temperature.

    Some of the other threads on this board have had discussions about how great the turnover numbers are for the BORG. In fact, recently in the popular press, a report about religions in America, stated that the Dubs have the highest turnover rate of any American religion. Up until the present the BORG has been able to find replacements for the dissenters who leave, but there may be a tipping point at which they will not be able to recruit new ones faster than those who bail on the whole fiasco.

    The message the BORG preaches now is so diluted and toothless compared to the message they had throughout the 20th Century that it has prompted many of the half-way intelligent, thinking elders and ministerial servants to leave. I saw this happen when I was an elder and heard about it even after I left. The vast numbers of people who come into the BORG, never fully buy into the hype (and hence the men don't become servants), and end up leaving is evidence that they are hemorraging numbers -- and many are those who were once the backbone of the BORG.

    My ex-inlaws are a perfect example of the type of people who were very disappointed with the failed prophecies. They were life-long witnesses, going back to the 1940s, and my mother-in-law, in some rare moments of candor, lamented about the disappointment. That disappointment, coupled with the vague message and pathetic quality of the reasoning and writing in the publications (compared to times past), may be a catalyst for a mass exodus of the old-timers. Some of the private messages I've received on this board back up what I've just stated.

    It should be interesting to see how things unfold over the next few years.

    Cheers to all,


  • DJK

    It will be a welcome change.

    Acts 15:30;31

  • Shawn10538

    Actually, JWs are mentioned by name in a foot note early on in the book by Festinger. Randy should mention that in his essay. He is not the first to make the connection between the saucer cult and JWs. Festinger himself made the connection in the text of the book.

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