WHO is authorized to pronounce judgement? Those WITHOUT sin?

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  • lalliv01

    aguest said:

    Anyone who judges another without the authority of holy spirit... judges... and condemns... him or herself. Anyone who does it "in the name of the Holy Spirit" but does not possess such spirit... or by saying they have such spirit... when they do NOT... blasphemes... against the Holy Spirit . Which is quite serious

    I agree. Judging anyone, in a religious or secular matter is a very serious matter; and being mis-judged is very painful experience and one which could have bad consequences.

    aguest, what a good response to this post.

    Terry, as usual, a fine, thought provoking post.

  • Terry

    Being judged by the standards of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is to be held up against a standard equal to that of the Mosaic Law.

    Jesus' standard is the standard of Christianity. We are all equally sinners who are forgiven. When we hold others accountable for their sin we actually make ourselves accountable AGAIN without Jesus' protection! Our charge is to forgive AS WE WERE forgiven. Period. End of story.

    Those who would be a "danger" to the congregation are to be ministered to--not condemned to death by ousting them.

    That is like throwing a contagious person out of a hospital.

    The hospital has many ways of dealing with illness. Sometimes you take those with greater illness to a deeper level of containment and custodial care in order to nurse them back to a healthy condition.

    Abandonment is not medicine and disfellowshipping is not Christianity.

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