Elusive Paperless Office

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  • Currientology

    Kind of in interesting topic to be on the watchtower site.

    "The final draft of this article was printed out as 11 pages of hard copy—that is, on humble sheets of paper.* During the editing process, the material was reprinted some 20 times. Finally, it was sent to about 80 translation teams around the world, after which each team printed out about six translation drafts. All in all, then, this article consumed more than 5,000 sheets of paper before it ever reached the printing presses!"


    Maybe if they posted PDF's they wouldn't be going going through so much.
    But then... that might get more Dubs on-line (probably a bad thing in their eyes).
    And could lead to some loss of control.

  • Currientology

    Ok... so my thread may not be as exciting as the umteen 4/27 announcements...
    But, seriously... If the end were so close and the news so good. Shouldn't PDF's be available...
    For anyone who wanted to read and learn about the truth????

    If they really want to get-er-done..???

  • jwfacts

    I am surprised they admit to so much wasted paper.

    I sell software, and have sold the paperless office concept. However, it is a dream, people like paper, and to doodle on it. Maybe in a couple of generations when children have been raised from birth with screens instead of books, they will then feel comfortable doing it all electronically.

    I certainly think the Watchtower should, and will, limit the amount they print in order to cut down costs, and try to get people to read online, or print their own copies.

  • Currientology

    Thank you and I agree....

    But why can't I go to their site and download their propaganda...
    Awake, Watchtower, and study edition??? I might have some interest in reading them.
    Perhaps the bro's and sis's could download and print their own copy of the WTS study edition from PDF (from WTS site)???
    That would cost save WTS printing and shipping costs... make the R&F buy the ink and paper ;o)
    Just a thought.

  • jwfacts

    You can download MP3's of the magazines at http://www.jw.org/. I thought you could download pdf's but it does not look like it. I wonder why not?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I worked in a state-of-the-art call center in the midwest for a major utility company. It was intended to be completely paperless...calls come into the call center...contact notes made in the system, put in a cue for the appropriate department to follow up on...billing, collections, customer service, etc.... departments would pull their open cue....work the open contacts...address the issue....close the contact....no paper...right?

    yeah, ok.... trust me, we screen printed those notes if it was not something we could fix right away...we screen printed bill screens, meter screens, etc....it was easier to keep up with on the desk and we could make handwritten notes on the paper .....and transfer only necessary notes to the computer.....so no..it was not paperless...

    ..and when open contact cues would get way behind....lets say 90 days and 5,000 open contacts for one state?....management would use an old fashioned dot matrix wide format continuos feed paper to print out a list of the contacts...then team leaders would pull them apart and distribute them to individual people (instead of transferring the contact in the computer to the persons cue).... I think they did this so they could highlight the contacts that were completed....we are such a visual species.....we need to be able to hold it....contacts in a computer is so abstract.....

    on another slant...have you seen Amazon's Kindle? I think its a good idea for some things....but it will never replace printed pages...never ever.... oh...wait.....then again...when was the last time you sent or received an actual card or letter... (other than at X-mas)..... so maybe we are replacing paper...slowly....

    Snakes ()

  • Currientology


    The MP3's are NOT the "same".....

    I give thanks to those of JWD who have posted study edition PDF's...

    Is not the info that important???????

  • Currientology

    I do agree with you... I would much rather have a printed copy, given the chance.
    I was a manager for a major telecom manufacturer and we were continually printing hundred page tech docs for whatever project we happened to be working.
    Some used the PDF file from a laptop. Others printed...
    However... printing was not required and the cost of printing was paid for by our local org (my budget)...

    If WT PDF's were available for download...
    How (many trees) and much money might they save in printing and shipping costs???
    How much of a larger potential audience might they have in getting the preaching work done... If they were serious about doing that????

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