"On Deconstruction" - Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • easyreader1970

    Video link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=GeZSQsCGwzM

    There are two parts to the video so check out the second part as well.

    I am pretty much stuck in this organization, at least for the forseeable future because I don't want to destroy my family. I hate that I ever got into this situation but here I am. I should have left after I became an adult but before I got married.

    But I didn't and so here I am. There is some really good information in two part video by a former JW. I will help the fortunate ones who escape any way I can.


  • Quirky1

    Some very useful ideas to help cope with the "deprogramming" I call it. At first I had difficulty trying to not think about the JW/WTBS routine. I was constantly spending my alternative time on the phone with family, on JWD or having a few beers.

    Now I have found it much easier to cope by occupying myself with some of my old habits. When I say habits I mean I am a workaholic. I am constantly outside working in the yard till it gets so dark I cannot see. This seems to be the best therapy for me so far.

    Each individual will require different forms of therapy to recover from the mental hold the WTBS has instilled in ones mind.


  • Fatfreek

    Hi EasyReader,

    I watched both of your videos and that in itself is a compliment. I don't normally watch videos because of my slow connection. I have to hit the pause button until the buffer fills enough that everything stays smooth.

    You come across as sincere since you weren't tied to a rigid script, you are eloquent, and you are obviously well-read. Well, that makes sense since you advocate reading a lot. That's good.

    You are wise beyond your years to be cautious about making a formal break with the Society. Family is more important than some folks think. Making a formal break is actually playing by their rules since they know you can do far more damage from the inside.

    I don't know how you can publish a video without jeopardy of being discovered by those JWs who know you. I suspect you've somehow got that all worked out and I truly wish you the very best.

    Len Miller

  • WTWizard

    For starters, I recommend reading Crisis of Conscience. That will give you the sense that all that could have been done to reform the Washtowel Slaveholdery has been done by Raymond Franz while he was a Governing Body member. That will at least give you an idea of how the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger actually works.

    I also recommend preparing now. You have the options of fading (if you have family in and do not wish the Washtowel Slaveholdery to bust it up, that is probably the best), writing a disassociation letter (and risk busting the family up), or continuing to be active. Do that, and you will probably feel at least some guilt for helping someone into the cancer, and it will waste the most time. It will most likely maintain peace with the family, but only if the hounders don't decide to question you and do their famous witch hunts. If that happens, they will probably bust up the family.

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