I need some advice talking to an Elder....and with our studies

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  • middleman

    Ok here's the deal, I'm never gonna be a dub but I'm interested in reaching out to them as are many others on here. I've been meeting with an ex-Elder and his different associates for awhile now. Up to this point I have dictated the doctrines that I want to know about such as the UN deal, blood, flip fops, and the usual stumper stuff that puts their walls up. I even went to the KH to meet up with him last night. When he introduced me to his friends he made sure to let everyone that I know their beliefs inside and out....I thought that was odd enough.

    Now, I know my Bible/doctrines WELL and also their publications/doctrines/history. After the generation talk last night, I would be willing to discuss this with him/them further. I'm more interested in talking with him/them on their society FIRST as I have done in these past months(I could take years doing this), more than their just their general "Bible studies". I said all of that to say this.

    Should I keep on the offense with my inquiries on the Watchtower Society as a whole (on things they they don't have formulated answers for) or should I let them bring up some talks of their own, such as the generation talk etc? I don't want to put more flags up showing them I just want to stump them. I do want to appear interested which I AM, but not how they think I am.
    I know full well not to bring up the soul, hell, trinity, and other doctrines they have dedicated much time to debating. Thanks for your help.

  • jwfacts

    It is very difficult to convince a person to give up their beliefs, so I would not spend too much time working on any one person. Just plant some seeds. If the elder wanted to leave he already has enough info from you by the sounds of things. Ask a few more questions. I would ask about blood, (http://www.jwfacts.com/index_files/blooddoctrine.htm) then bring up questions to to show how contradictory the current stand is. Also discuss disfellowshipping, and how inhumane it is to shun family. (http://www.jwfacts.com/index_files/disfellowship.htm) You will quickly find if he is willing to think, or just shuts off his thinking ability with illogical answers. If he shuts down, do waste any more time, move on. Hopefully in the future something you said will spark an interest in him.

  • flipper

    MIDDLEMAN- What is your motive for trying to stump them - just for the hell of it ? Need more information about what your goal or aim is. Just for stumping sake , or are you trying to help some get out of the witnesses ? Just curious

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Also you need to realize that witnesses have no problem cutting their losses. If they are willing to throw their kids out to the swine, how do you think they will treat you, when you hit them with challenges to their beliefs? They will simply say you have been influenced by apostates and will shake the dust off their feet and move on to the next prospect.

  • yknot

    Spread as many seeds as you can.

    If he keeps coming back he might be a closet apostate too.

    While in the past you would have been cut loose....getting a study is hard and when he talks to you he is still getting to count time.

    So technically you might help him achieve pioneer status if they lower the hours again, while indulging in talking about no-no subjects with you.

    Ride it out....

  • changeling

    I'm with flipper: what are your motives?

    Do you think you are helping them? My feeling is you won't. You will be viewed as yet another missinformed "ousider" trying to make trouble.

    And if you are not trying to help, then, again, what is your motive?


  • middleman

    My motive is to help them get out of this destructive cult. I do understand the challenges I have ahead of me, but I'm not swayed by that. If I could just say ONE thing to any one of them that changes a view or causes doubt, it could be the straw that broke the camels back. You just never know where people are in their mind regardless of what they wish to tell you.

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