Is this "IT" ?

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  • winnower

    Recently I purchased a Sony product at Radio Shack. I was about to throw out the packaging when I realized a raised strip on the instruction card insert. Upon closer examination, I saw a very very tiny logo on this raised strip. It was a black and white image, side view of a left hand, in a cupped downward position. As a matter of fact, the logo looked just like this (image below), but in black and white. Where the chip is located in the photo below, there were two thin lines intersecting, like the crosshairs in a rifle scope, and extending beyond the hand. (Go to RS and find it for yourself if you don't believe me!) Hand with the planned location of the RFID chip Just after the operation to insert the RFID tag was completed Implantable RFID chips designed for animal tagging are now being used in humans. Digital Angel System Diagram from subsidiary I peeled the strip from the placard. There was a long metal strip embedded behind the thin foamcore. I suppose this held the price and product code and the anti theft alarm. This logo seemed to be one of those subtle announcements of things to come. We will all be expected to participate in the digital age of the new system. And look at the name (digital angel). Those christians will go for anything with the word Angel on it. Oh yes, this yoke of bondage will be your guardian angel. The funny thing is, most people think this is a "government" agenda. Look deeper. There is much more behind this curtain.

    Freemasons to Promote Implants

    As the following reveals, the Freemasons are now pushing to promote a wider use and acceptance of digital implants. Note how in doing this they play on fear. How it's every "parents worst nightmare", how "over 1,000,000 are reported missing in the United States each year". And how "the abduction of children is both under-reported and rapidly increasing".

    Having established a threat, and a need to do something about it, they have also provided the answer: the implant. The trouble is that most of those masons involved in this promotion probably believe that they are doing "good". Freemasonary is built upon human ignorance and gullibility and this is a prime example of something potentially malevolent is being promoted in the name of good. In the name of 'child protection' the Freemasons are laying the groundwork for technological totalitarianism.

    chip makes shopping easier...and no more identity theft monitor criminals and kids skipping school it will not be forced on anyone. As a matter of fact, you will have to ASK for it. You will gradually loose priveliges if you don't have it. Eventually, all those without the mark will not be able to buy nor sell. So, is this IT? want to know how this chip implant will become necessary for you to be included in the New System? You can't get into Paradise without it! If you want to know more, see my post on "Agendas of Paradise".

  • Caedes

    My advice is to go and make yourself a tinfoil hat now before the government use their mind control rays on you.

    And don't look up MK Ultra on the interwebs, because then they know you are dangerous to them.

  • joebin

    Another terrorist attack (or supposedly terrorist attack) and this baby is mandatory. Anyone refusing or objecting to it will be considered a threat with something to hide.

  • winnower

    No. It will NEVER be mandatory. It will never be imposed on anyone. You will have to ASK for it and it will be of your own free will.

    J, if you read agendas of paradise (link above) I think it will become clearer to you how this works.

    Gradually you will loose your priveliges to the point that you will no longer be able to participate in society.


  • joebin
    it will be of your own free will.

    Their goal is to take away your freedom by introducing this technology and it will be introduced during a state of emergency. Most people will accept only because if they don't they will lose their assets and lose privileges. Of course it will be sold as a benefit and will be a sign that you support their ideology.

    Maybe the test run will be of free will but it will soon become mandatory trust me. They don't think your free will is all that important.

  • yknot

    Well this has been expected in Christendom forever

    Viva la AntiChrist.

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Did someone call ... ?

    "IT" Support

  • orangefatcat

    Just thought of this,

    the founder of JW'w was Russell and he was a Free Mason maybe he heard about a mark that someday would identify every person alive. And wrote about it in one of his magizines or books.


  • nameless_one

    Well all of that was certainly an interesting read. I've no comment really about my own opinions on it all, but I do have a question. You wrote...

    ::want to know how this chip implant will become necessary for you to be included in the New System? You can't get into Paradise without it!::

    I understand the polar opposition between this manufactured "paradise" and the "paradise" carrot that the WTS holds out; what I'm trying to understand is how the WTS could or would tie into any of this because, well, doesn't this brand of "paradise" by definition leave all JWs out in the cold? In other words, if JWs believe it is the LACK of "the mark" that will distinguish them and save them, doesn't this scenario you present essentially annihilate them? And why would the WTS be on board with such a plan? Your other thread seems to assert very plainly that you think the WTS is a part of orchestrating it, and that's what I'm trying to make sense of.

    Sorry if I'm being dense or wrangling over semantics, but I am curious about the seeming discrepancy and hope you will elaborate.

    (Disclaimer: I think the JW "paradise" is a bunch of hooey, but I do recognize the very real potential of Orwellian constructs -- I am just curious to understand more clearly exactly how you think the WTS ties into this particular one.)

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