Do you have Passion in your life

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  • LouBelle

    I am a very passionate person. When I believe in something I will research, speak about it, all with passion and true gusto. If I have someone to be intimate with, I am passionate about them, enjoy time and moments with them.

    I cook with passion (you need an italian accent to that) I love with passion, I live with passion and I work with passion.

    So too my job - I really love what I do - I have a passion for advertising - I find it exciting. So when I come across idiots in my company who have lost their drive and are happy with mediocracy it inflames me, because it brings down the quality of the magazine, they pass the buck. Then when I try get my point across (passionately and with much gusto) they think I"m loony.

    Our latest issue of the magzine printed and I must be honest I have never seen a shoddier job - it looks like amateurs printed the magazine - the colour lacks lustre, the quality is grainy - in the advertising section there are about 5 variants of our branded colour - I've been in this game for 11 years or so and am shocked - the idiots running the company have the audacity to say that the magazine looks brighter - I think the shock on my face must have said it all. So off I launched with much passion about how I disagree.

    Hmmm perhaps this was more of a rant.

    Okay I'm off to a sushi bar.

  • wings

    I have passion for sushi.

  • real one
    real one

    I have passion for Christ!

  • kurtbethel

    Passion is good. It is way better than merely going through the motions of something, in my view. My passions include exploring. Whether it is a hike, a bicycle run, a kayak run, a road trip, or flying to somewhere far off, I love to explore and see what is around the next bend, or across the sea. Along the way my passion for photography comes into play. We are not just talking about snapshots, but full on climb up a hill to get the perfect shot photography. My previous camera had over 10,000 shots on it before the wheel switch got jammed up.

    Another passion is sensory stimulation, taste, smell and texture. I enjoy a wide range of food, tastes and fragrances. Wine and coffee are passions, and I brew my own beer.

    I also like passionate people. I understand them much more than the other kind, and even if I do not share a specific passion that they have, I understand the feelings that motivate them so find that is a common ground.

  • Dagney

    I have passion for sushi also.

  • yknot

    I have a passion for liberty

    I have passion for learning

    I have passion for my children...and husband (growl)

  • LouBelle

    wings & dagney - All I can say I was in sushi heaven last night! I had a salmon platter filled with sashimi, ngiri and rainbow rolls - ah I absolutely love the stuff.

    real one - I have a passion for christ too - it's just that we see things differently but that's okay.

    yknot - whoa girl - reign that tiger in.

    kurtb - I think you rounded up by what I said "you're a man of the earth"

  • kurtbethel

    LouBelle - I think you are right. Nailed me on that one. :-)

  • jambon1

    My love & adoration & total devotion to my children is overwhelming at times. They have made my life complete. If I am privelidged to see them mature & be happy into my 80's then I shall die a happy man.

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