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  • searchingforfriends

    I don't want to give her exact age, but I will say that she has not even reached her teenage years yet and is still a child. I'm afraid that if I say anything out of line with the dub beliefs to her, my parents will restrict my contact with her. So I feel like in some ways I am forced to play along. Although they do know that I'm "inactive" and have "worldly" friends.

  • CoonDawg


    My daughter went through the same thing not long ago. She was 12 and her mother let her get baptized. I told her mom that it was akin to having her pick out her marriage mate at that age and just as serious. I asked her mom what happens if she makes a mistake...will she lover her unconditionally or will she shun her as "good JW's" do?

    I got my answer (not that I didn't already know) when my ex's nephew tried to off himself. Noone knew because said kid's mom is a DF witness so no one would talk to them. That's pretty effing sad. I try to make sure my daughter knows that love from this side is unconditional and even if she screws up, I'll still love her and she'll always have a refuge from the storm.

  • WTWizard

    A parent should lay down the law that the candidate has to be at least 18 and have read Crisis of Conscience before getting baptized. You should at least prepare to suggest the reading of that book before the baptism, even if you are not the parent. There is no harm done in reading it, even if the reader is a minor (and even if the reader is only 6).

    Hey, if a 6 year old is able to read the Washtowel littera-trash, they should be able to read Crisis of Conscience.

  • lavendar
    I think planting little seeds over time and being there for her when she decides it is not the truth is the best way to go given the delicate nature of the situation. (I don't want my parents deciding that I am too much of a threat to her spirituality.)

    You are very wise to take this "avenue" in regards to how you treat your sister. It IS a delicate situation, and the last thing you want is to alienate her. She'll need you to be there for her.....when she realizes some day that the WTS is a false organization.

    I'm doing the exact same thing with my family member. Planting seeds of doubt little by little.....and I believe the seeds will multiply & blossom into the realization that the WTS is a mind-control cult masquerading as Christian.

    All the best to you,


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