A tract from "Christendom"

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  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    As a faithful and obedient JW, I have always rejected Christendom's literature for the trash that I imagined it was....

    Today as I was getting off the subway a woman was handing out tracts... For the first time in my life I said, What the heck, sure, I'll take one...

    I must admit, since I have only been "out" for about 3 weeks, I was trembling somewhat as I opened it (needlessly, a shakeover from JW days). It was titled "The Power of God", and had a very brief introductory paragraph recommeding the imporatnce of getting to know God through the Bible. The rest of the litle tract (48 tiny pages) is only scripture citations. While I didn't really read it, it struck me that whiel a JW would reject such a vile tract, it merely contained scripture citations... Nothing compared to WTS literature which contains way too many subjective interpretations iof the scriptures, and selected proof texts that support their twisted ideology.

    I recall talking to a workmate about a year ago, trying to witness to her. I offered her the Watchtower. She replied, "we already have the Bible. That's all we need." I have since realized that this is true....

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  • oompa

    "Gilead Grad goes to Hell".................oompa

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    You talking about me??????

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  • Honesty

    Don't read those tracts.

    They don't direct you to Jehover's visible organization.

  • real one
    real one

    I had the same reaction when i started reading tracts.

    Honesty you are so right

  • Ruth Eeker
    Ruth Eeker

    I too had the same reaction to a "False religion" booklet!

    They are WAY better then the Witness Tracts...but of course I can only see that now that I'm out.

    Imagine....a group from Christendom actually make literature that cites lots of bible scriptures AND
    the bible scriptures actually tie in to the point they're making!!
    Ya...that has devil written all over it!! NOT! haha

  • Sunspot

    A few years ago (I had been out of the WTS about six years at the time) I accepted a small booklet entilted "The Christ---Who He"? (or something quite close to that :o) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    AND-----there wasn't ONE paragraph at the end that tried to push me to "come into God's organization", but ONLY to come to CHRIST for salvation.

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