Depression-pain or do I love it?

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  • R.Crusoe

    I just learned lots of egos live in me! (many love to pain me = my personal pain bodies)

    Some love depression!

    The REAL ME hates it!?

    No - the real me is being held captive - and simply wants to be who it is = the god in me!

    Can you see a connection through FEAR?

    Watch this and see if you spot it:

  • R.Crusoe

    The identity the WT transplant into your persona is an EGO!

    It is the WT - EGO !

    And it is a major pain - body for any person to possess and be subservient to!

    It is detached from the true-self (which is free of ego)

    exJWs - learning how to divorce yourselves from the WT - EGO is difficult to do - and a painful experience for all manner of family infrastructures etc.

    I found the above helpful in releasing some moments of depression about how the WT implant all manners of poisons both into my own mind and that of family - lasting decades! And I recall the same in others.

    Their poison is lifelong for many of us - self sustaining positive thought is what I feel to be of use and is why I so far found some of Eckharts thinking very helpful.

    I hope you all find strength in your life away from WT damage!

    You deserve it!

  • FlyingHighNow

    There is nothing fun about depression. One can get so used to being ill, one doesn't know how to live any other way. But to love it? I don't think anyone can.

  • Hope4Others

    Your really into that Tolle book aren't you?



  • Hope4Others

    Pain bodies do not like to be looked at, he mentions your own drama as illusion, and your pain

    bodies need to be conscious of the process. He sure laughs as he's going along there, perhaps just

    a little nervousness.


  • crazyblondeb

    have u thought about seeing a real medical doctor??

    If not, you should.....

  • R.Crusoe

    Crazy Deb

    This response of yours is amazingly interesting!

    Did you listen to the tube?

    And have you fathomed what this guys is all about from other stuff he talks about?

    Do that and then see if you can bring yourself to suggest the same!

    I say you'd find it impossible!

  • Hope4Others


    I've been thinking about pain bodies this evening while at work and I have come up with these thoughts:

    You create your own pain bodies, the more negative thought you dwell on the more pain bodies you draw to yourself . Its like

    drawing 1000's of little magnets to yourself but yet they are not healing magnets. so I guess the thing is to recognize that this

    process is happening to you, and work to change it. I guess it is the need to bring positive intent into your life. Have you ever read anything

    by Dr. Wayne Dyer?


  • JoyNichols

    Depression creates and follows "pathways" in our brains; finding, creating, using new pathways is a challenge that requires incredible mindfulness. Noticing when one has begun the downward spiral into negativity and catching it short is difficult; it does not mean you love the pain. It is just a familiar pathway . . .

  • R.Crusoe

    I have 'pained' as have many of you!

    Tolle claims virtually all pain to be due to 'pain bodies'.attached to an ego you have! (not viewed last nights show yet!! - not available online tilll later)

    For example, if a loved one dies - there is no way they can ever return any love you have for their non-existent life form/presence or the future interactions and reality you would have shared with them! You are left with an imaginary (mental) ego - a persona of yours attached to their invisible form - which displaces the NOW of your life in preference to maintaining an illusion of them - which is absent them!

    So you in effect are loving to feed the pain body!

    You are loving to keep dragging the present 'you' into a negative reality.

    It is unavoidable that some of this will occur, but knowing its impact on your present life is what gives you a balance and awareness of what is happening to you. Maybe thus enabling you to reduce it???? Maybe?? I don't know - if it's irreplaceable then maybe not - I am having a problem with replacement!!! Tolle suggests when you focus on the core self you will be free of all pain bodies!

    What is a pain body?

    When does an ego become an ego?

    I say:

    1) when one person gives more than another - for whatever reason !

    2) when a person expects of themselves more than reality allows them to - for whatever reason !

    3) when you buy into others expecting mor of you than reality allows you to give - for whatever reason !

    4) when each of 1,2,3 result in your being 'judged' a failure for not meeting their expectations of you!

    If you think of any more please add!

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