Hey everyone! Listen to this!

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
  • R.Crusoe

    I often go out in ladenhossen just to confuse everyone and know for sure that if I meet a genuine female she will be free of ego!

  • AGuest

    They're started by the jealous people and
    They get mad Seein' somethin' they had And sombody else is holdin' Tell me that temptation Is very hard to resist
    But these wicked [people], Ooh, they just persist

    Hear the one about [appropriate name here], Some say he must be gay
    I try to argue, but they say If he was straight he wouldn't walk that way

    I can't go no place Without somebody pointin' a finger
    I can't show my face 'Cause when it comes to rumors I'm a dead ringer It seems from rumors I just can't get away
    I bet there'll even be rumors Floatin' around on Judgment Day

    Excerpted from "Rumors," Timex Social Club, 1986


    SA, a slave of Christ who believes that it should only be ones "without sin" (of any kind) that should cast stones

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