The Society is Upset: R&F Not Following the Recommended Lodging List

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  • Open mind
    Open mind


    "How hard would it be for everybody here to call the hotels on the list"

    You're truly an evil slave Oomp.


    The only tricky part is that the dubs are required to either use a valid credit card or send a deposit to hold their reservation.

    But, I imagine it might help the overall irritation with the dubs if people were to call in and say they'd like to reserve the room, but they'll have to call back with the credit card number.

    Or, if you REALLY wanted to go to some trouble, use your real info making sure to find out when you can cancel. Then cancel right before the point of no return.

    Just some thoughts.


  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    come to room XXX".... where they were confronted by the DO


    Oh so that's what they were doing in the DO's room... watching XXX stuff?

    [email protected]

  • GentlyFeral

    What Quotes said:

    hotels makes lots of money on conference room services (you know: the huge conference rooms and the catered meals with the rubber salad and hockey puck Lasagne); but the Witchpower conventions are not actually at any of the approved hotels. So there is no economic reason for a hotel to give a cheap room rate to JWs, since they won't make back the discount in other higher-margin (i.e. $$$) items.

    Yeah, the only conventions I have attended since unjaydubbing have been in the hotels where I was staying. And the discount was not too bad -- about 20-25%. No wrestling crosstown traffic, no fighting for seats in the nosebleed section, and I didn't have to pack every damn meal my own self.

    Oh yeah, no cult propaganda, either!

    gently feral

  • Gill


    Naughty dubbies!

  • daniel-p

    About not copying the list: how about just taking a close up photograph with a digital camera?

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    How about if I stay in my own comfy lodging at home ... and not go to any Convention.

  • Pwned

    hotel release day was my fav day of the year, we would always try to stay at the same hotel as our friends hopefully one with a pool. funny story one time we had our convention in canada, well me and my friend discovered that there was a free XXX channel, needless to say we made evry excuse to not go out to dinner with evryone else, ha-ha good times. i would think that nowadays its much cheaper going through priceline, hotwire, etc and maybe the society could get in on the action by creating a group account that evryone uses and the WT keeps the rewards

  • yknot

    Well if the hotels (motels) weren't awful, more expensive, and far from the DC.....

    Plus no one wants to deal with hounders monitoring pool behavior and usage!

    The DC for some are the closest thing to a family vacation. Many have been moved to boring nothing else to do areas too.

    My KH is within driving distance; well the organization disagrees but most of us drive the same distance everyday for work.

    Most of my KH skips out on Friday due to work and commutes or carpools Saturday and Sunday.

  • SirNose586
    - most hotels will reward a free room or two to the event organizers, if and only if the reserved block is fully booked. So it is in Witchpower's interest to keep the reserved block small enough to guarantee it is fully booked, to ensure that Bethel elite get to stay GRATIS in the presidential suite.

    The last point is the REAL reason Witchpower makes such a big deal about the "approved" hotel nonsense. They have to keep the Bethel Insiders in the nicest rooms, for free. (Aside: It must be nice to take a Vow of Poverty, but then live like very wealthy person). Oh, that, plus a juvenile, Eric Cartman "you will respect my authority" attitude which betrays a lack of inner confidence. Yes Witchpower, I'm talking to you.

    And that's the rub...gotta make sure representatives from Mother are well taken care of!

    I'd participate in some shenanigans, but my city hosts the convention, so no go...

    Edit: I'm not sure if this letter'll be posted in the back of the hall....probably not....but if it is, I'll make a scan.

  • Hope4Others

    They think they are getting good rates, ha ha, I booked ours for several years using the list, but said nothing

    about being a jw, and paid less than anyone at the hotel that were jw's. The rooms were 85.00 per night and we paid 59.00 per night,

    that was in the 80's.


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