Crazy Rumored or Authentic Quotes of Celebrities about Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • flipper

    This is going to be fun ! Being raised for 44 years in the witnesses myself as I'm sure many of you heard rumored experiences dealing with celebrities. Funny stuff ! Some happened, some might not have, but anyway you look at it ; it was hilarious the different stories we all heard ! So - here are some of mine I heard , and as always I invite you to share crazy stuff you heard as well ! Here it goes :

    1. John Denver - I heard at one of his concerts he invited any Jehovah's Witnesses in the audience to stand up . He said, " This next song is for you. " Then he proceeded to play the national anthem !

    2. EARTH, Wind and Fire - The music group in concert asked if there were any Jehovah's Witnesses in the audience - the reason? They stated, " We are trying to talk to the spirits to help us play our music, but they won't help us till you leave " !

    3. John Lennon was witnessed to at his Dakota apartment in New York by witnesses. He said to them, " The answers you are trying to show me are too simple . The problems in this world are much more difficult to solve and complex. You aren't being realistic ! "

    4. Buck Owens - country singer actually lived in my hometown. I knew his first cousin who was a Jehovah's Witness with the same last name. So some of his family were indeed witnesses.

    5. Queen - The rock group had lyrics when played backwards, " Another one Bites the Dust" sounded like , " Start to smoke marijuana " .

    6. Led Zeppelin- The rock groups song " Stairway to Heaven " was also rumored among witnesses to say , " I'll serve my sweet Satan. " Yeah, right . Brother.

    7. Prince - Was rumored to have special " purple underwear " he wore out in field service with words embroidered, " Purple Reign " - was known to wear them damp!

    8. Pee Wee Herman- Little known fact- Was informally witnessed to by a JW in the porno theatre on the infamous , " busted for jacking off in the theatre night ! " Also, only slightly lesser known was it was a well known member of the governing body witnessing to him ! "

    9. Michael Jackson - Dismayed at being counseled by the elders about his " Thriller " video being objectionable - when no witnesses wanted to work in the door to door ministry with him anymore - feeling lonely , Michael took the Elephant man's bones with him for company !

    O.K ! So there are mine ! Some are just tongue in cheek humor, but some I think really happened ! So hit me with your best shot ! What crazy or interesting, funny experiences did you folks hear about with celebrities ! Look forward to your comments ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • hillary_step


    Is 'tongue in cheek humor' another way of saying 'urban legend'? It seems so.

    Pout - HS

  • brinjen
    1. John Denver - I heard at one of his concerts he invited any Jehovah's Witnesses in the audience to stand up . He said, " This next song is for you. " Then he proceeded to play the national anthem !

    The version I heard was he refused to continue playing until they left, I've also heard Green Day did similar a year or so ago.

  • Layla33

    Most of it seems tongue and cheek, but funny stuff, nonetheless.

  • Hope4Others

    J Rule-- *Rap Singer*
    Q: Is it true you were raised as a Jehovah's Witness? How was this experience and how has it shaped you as a grown man?
    A. Well you know, that is a crazy experience because the religion is so strict, it is very different. I went through a lot of phases and studied many religions... I am spiritual and have whatever relationship with God, you do not need the middlemen."

    Kim Holland- *Adult porn star-*
    Kim Holland speaks about her 'pre-pornographic' time:

    "I was very decent. I was even a Jehovah's Witness who went from door to door with magazines and tried to convince people they had to convert in order to live after Armageddon."

    Carol Swain- *Political Scientist-*
    Ms. Swain was born in 1954 into an extremely poor household in rural Virginia, not far from Roanoke. She grew up with 11 brothers and sisters, dropped out of school in the ninth grade, and married at age 16 -- in part, she says, because she saw no need to plan for a lengthy future. She was a Jehovah's Witness, and accordingly believed that Armageddon would begin in 1975.

    You can google anything, isn't it amazing!
    ha ha


  • DT

    One time I called on Garrison Keillor, of public radio fame, during a tract campaign. He had a script in his hand and appeared kind of busy. A few days later I was listening to his radio show and Jehovah's Witnesses were mentioned in a skit. I wonder if that was already planned or if my visit prompted him to include that.

  • flipper

    HILLARY STEP- Yeah, I agree. " Tongue in cheek humor is the same as " Urban Legend " ! LOL!

    BRINJEN- Thanks for the clarification on the John Denver story ! I am sure you are correct on that . Green Day did the same thing ? Wow !

    LAYLA 33- Yeah. Some of it is tongue in cheek humor - what I listed. No. # 7, #8, and # 9 about PeeWee, Prince, and Michael - I made up trying to be a bad comedian ! LOL! But Numbers 1 through 6 I have heard from several sources are true. I actually did know Buck Owens witness cousin. She was a regular pioneer in one of my old congregations when I was a teenager !

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- A Rap singer, Adult porn star, and a political scientist ! All ex-witnesses ? Wow ! Good job ! Funny stories !

    DT- That is funny ! I bet you talking to him made Garrison Keillor put out the JW skit ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • loosie

    The song " Crystal Blue Persuasion" was written by Tommy James about studying the blue truth book with the JW's.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Van Morrison, reportedly, was a Witness in his childhood & wrote a song called:

    "Kingdom Hall"

    So glad to see you
    So glad you're here
    Come here beside me now
    We can clear inhibition away
    All inhibitions
    Throw them away
    And when we dance like this
    Like we've never been dancin' before

    Oh, they were swingin'
    Down at Kingdom Hall
    Oh, bells were ringin'
    Down at the Kingdom Hall
    A choir was singin'
    Down at the Kingdom Hall
    Hey, liley, liley, liley
    Hey, liley, liley, low
    Do do do do do do, do
    Do do do do do do
    Do do do do do do, do
    Do do do do do do

    Good body music
    Brings you right here
    Free flowin' motion now
    When we're shakin' it out on the floor
    Good rockin' music
    Down in your shoes
    And when we dance like this
    Like we've never been dancin' before

    Repeat Chorus

    Down at the Kingdom Hall
    They were havin' a party
    They were havin' a ball
    Bells were ringing out
    And the choir was singin'
    Hey, liley, liley, liley
    Hey, liley, liley, low
    Do do, do do, do do, do do
    Sugar was there
    Did you see Sugar
    Down at the Kingdom Hall

    I took this quote from wikipedia:

    The following year, Morrison released Wavelength; It was the fastest selling album of his career, at the time, and soon went Gold. The engaging title track became a modest hit and peaked at #42. The opening track, "Kingdom Hall", about Morrison's own childhood experience around Jehovah's Witnesses also foreshadowed the religious turn in Morrison's next album, Into the Music.

  • Low-Key Lysmith

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