Crazy Rumored or Authentic Quotes of Celebrities about Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • flipper

    LOOSIE- I had heard that before about Tommy James song, " Crystal Blue Persuasion" being about the Truth book. When you listen to the lyrics in the song - it seems feasible .

    LOW KEY LYSMITH- That is interesting about Van Morrison. I think my wife told me his mom took him to meetings when he was a child- but fortunately for him , he escaped it later ! Interesting song lyrics ! Thanks for the link to the famous witnesses ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Fadeout

    I have not heard the Earth Wind and Fire story, but I've heard similar urban legends. Normally the setting is either a magic or hypnotism act, like a stage show in Vegas. The performer is trying to hypnotize someone, or levitate someone, or whatever, and it's not working, and he asks the audience are any JWs here, and someone says yes, then the performer says the trick won't work with a JW in the room because it scares the spirit away or some such crap.

    Apparently even though the JW decided to attend a spiritistic show, some holy spirit still stuck to him, like some sort of divine dog doo on a stick.

    Weak-ass demon... seriously, of all the evil spirits out there, that has to be one of the wimpiest ones.

  • startingover

    Dave Mustaine, former Metallica lead guitarist and founder of Megadeth. Raised a JW. Many interesting quotes regarding JW's in the interview:

    Out to Lunch

    taken from Hit Parader, June 1987
    Jodi Beth Summers talks to Dave Mustaine

    Does food really make the man? Each month "Hit Parader" finds out by taking metal's biggest stars out to lunch. This month's lunch munchers are those wild and crazy guys in Megadeth.

    What's thrash prodigy Dave Mustaine's philosophy of life and Megadeth? "To have fun and get away with as much as I can while I can."

    Megadeth henchman (not to mention speed metal beacon) Mustaine is one of metal's most interesting personalities. Behind the macabre lyrical poetry and the quasi-melodic thrash of his music there's a very intelligent guy with a clear and accurate vision of what he wants to accomplish.

    Born in the San Diego suburb of La Mesa, California, Dave grew up in the proverbial "broken home". His mom and dad split up when he was young and he didn't get to know his dad until just before the old man died.

    His mother and all her family were Jehovah's Witnesses, which is how Dave was raised. Later on he attended Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California, where he studied French, history, cartooning, music and recording theory - and co-founded a band called Metallica. After leaving school and moving to San Francisco, Mustaine bailed out on Metallica just as they were getting their record deal and joined up with David Ellefson, Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson to form Megadeth.

    Recently, "Out to Lunch" had a chance to chatter with the real Dave Mustaine over hot dogs, brandy and tortilla chips during a party in Megadeth's honor held at Sam's bar in L.A.

    Jodi Beth Summers: Dave, Megadeth is a pretty intense name for a band. How did a nice boy like you think of a moniker like that?

    Dave Mustaine: Megadeth represents the annihilation of power. We spell the name phonetically because the meaning to us is the same you get out of the dictionary-it's a hypothetical body count after a nuclear fallout. It's a million deaths, and we want to leave our audience shell-shocked wherever we go.


    As far as your family is concerned, by choosing that name, weren't you adding insult to injury for Jehovah's Witnesses?

    DM: It did in a sense, but we've already got a distance between us. Regardless of what I did with my career, I don't think my problems with my family would have been resolved. I did what I did because I wanted to do it. I didn't have any inhibitions or any kind of feelings toward what they thought.


    When did this split between you and your family occur?

    DM: I lived with my mom for a long time and I just barely got to know my dad right before he died. After that, I was pretty confused over the whole thing, so I went my own way, away from my family. It was a big fight because they don't really dig what I'm doing. It makes it weird, knowing the religious background that my family believes and what I'm professing in my music.


    Did they send you to Jehovah's Witness school when you were growing up?

    DM: I went to a private school like that for about two months. It wasn't my trip, because I've always been pretty well ahead of my grades and sitting in a class with religious people who say, "Brother, can I have a pencil?" wasn't for me. I said to them "Fuck you, get your own pencil!" They didn't dig that.


    Making trouble is just part of your nature, isn't it?

    DM: I've always gotten a kick out of defying authority. Just wait, we want to name our next album The Second Coming of Christ.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    John Denver - I heard at one of his concerts he invited any Jehovah's Witnesses in the audience to stand up . He said, " This next song is for you. " Then he proceeded to play the national anthem


  • ninja

    the biggest mistake john denver made was humiliating his witness airplane mechanic by playing the national anthem.........

  • flipper

    FADEOUT- It's true witnesses are scared of spirits and demons ! And vice versa I guess ! LOL! So I could see where a magician would want witnesses to leave so they could get a hold of the spirits !

    STARTING OVER- Great interview with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth ! I don't really think he would have fit into the JW mold - so to speak ! LOL!

    FREQUENT FADER MILES- Yeah ! I thought it was very funny of John Denver to do that as well !

    NINJA- You certainly do have a " dark" sense of humor, don't you ? LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • JimmyPage

    Johnny Carson's bandleader was supposedly a Witness. And Johnny supposedly said he was going to become a Witness when he retired.

    Drew Carey wrote a short story about a Witness in his book "Dirty Jokes and Beer".

  • brinjen

    One of my all time favourite quotes has to be Gerri Halliwell:

    "My mother used to be Spanish, then she became a Jehovah's Witness."

  • brinjen
    6. Led Zeppelin- The rock groups song " Stairway to Heaven " was also rumored among witnesses to say , " I'll serve my sweet Satan. "

    You might want to watch this then...

  • nomoreguilt

    The sone, " Crystal Blue Persausion", by Tommy James and the Shondells was about the " Truth Book". he was a newly converted JW. Listen to the lyrics and you'' see what I mean.

    Don Ho, of Tiny Bubbles fame, was playing at his local venue in Hawaii. There happened to be a jw convention in town and he observed that there were many dubs in his audience. He asked them to leave....

    President Eisenhower's mother was a jw.


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