WTS view of women and sin

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  • megaflower

    I have often wondered why the FDS always undermined women. They use many scriptures to explain why women are less then a man. The first one that comes to mind is Ge 2:18" .... Iam going to make a helper for him" . So, the man is in charge and the women is his helper. Ge 3:16 "to the woman God said your craving will be for your husband". The FDS saying we cannot live without a man, our existance is reliance on the husband. Of course my favorite, they used this one all the time Ge 3:16 "......your craving will be for your husband and he will dominate you". In summation the FDS is a he man women haters club. They would address how a women should dress, wear her hair, how to address a man in the congretation if it was about anything spiritual. If she was married it had to go through her husband. Yes, I know they ocasionally talked about how men should be groomed and dressed but they made it a point to adress this subject about women ALL the time.

  • ninja

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  • megaflower

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  • llbh

    This is one of the reasons i left the wts . Any organisation that marginalise women i will not join

    Regards David

  • ninja

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  • Gopher

    The WTS view is based on the Hebrew traditions, including verses from Genesis 2 and 3 that you cited. Personally I have concluded that the early part of the Bible was written to support the Hebrew priesthood and worldview, which included subjugation of women.

    I'm saying that the WTS itself is not entirely at fault here, they're just using certain texts that can be used to "keep the women in their place".

    That having been said, the JW's emphasize the teachings that suit them. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard about women's submission to man's headship from the JW's. However, they hardly ever acknowledged that quite often women can have better ideas and really should be treated as an equal in the relationship.

  • megaflower

    well said Gopher, thanks

  • daystar

    This is common enough in most fundamentalist patriarchal religions/sects and so certainly not isolated to the WTS. This sort of mysogynist philosophy seems certainly to be built into the Christian Bible (OT esp. of course), Torah and Q'uran.

    Pagan philosophies, not so much.

  • pallemar

    Mega, try to see it in reverses, the women is the head of the man, becourse she knows, what needs to be done in the home, the man is the head of jesus, becourse he translate, the scrips, and tells other about it, Jesus, is the head off god, becourse he is the meassenger between god and Man ;) so why, do it be translatet as who rules who? then it gives as mush resen readen reverse? ;)

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    But there are benefits of being a female in the borg. No pressure to "reach out" for privileges since you can't have any.

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